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Wondfo - Is This the Best Pregnancy Test?

best pregnancy testWondfo is the brand name of Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech, a research-based company that was founded in 1992 on the campus of South China University of Technology in China's Guangdong Province. It specializes in the production of medical test kits for fertility, for drug abuse and for a variety of diseases. (You can read a little more about the company here.)

Its low-cost pregnancy tests have been rapidly growing in popularity, to the point where, at the time of writing, they occupied the top three places on the Bestsellers in Pregnancy Tests list.

In my own, admittedly unscientific, survey of the best pregnancy test - based on customer reviews at - I found that three of the five best pregnancy tests came from Wondfo. (Each product had received at least 15 customer reviews, and the rankings were based on four-star and five-star reviews as a percentage of total customer reviews.)

The results were:

1. Early Detection Pregnancy Tests, by Wondfo (25 reviews) - 92%

2. 25 Pregnancy Test Strips, by Wondfo (40 reviews) - 85%

3. Early-Detection Pregnancy Tests: Pack of 5 Tests, by Early Pregnancy Tests (58 reviews) 84%

4. Combo Pack of 40 Ovulation Tests and 10 Early Pregnancy Tests, by Early Pregnancy Testspregnancy test (50 reviews) - 80%

5. Combo Pack 40 (LH) Ovulation Tests + 10 Early Detection (HCG) Pregnancy Test Strip Pack, by Wondfo (16 reviews) - 75%

Here is a very typical five-star review of the Wondfo Early Detection Pregnancy Tests:

Cheap, easy, and very clear. This product was shipped to me quickly, and detected my pregnancy on the first one! The result was very clear and I verified it on the following day.

Anyone want 8 pregnancy tests?

Just a warning to everyone buying this: this isn't the pee-on-a-stick type of pregnancy test. It's the same thing, but without the stick applicator, so it is much smaller and you can't just urinate directly on it. You have to pee in a little cup (1/4-1/2 inch deep) and sit the stick in the urine. It works great, though, so don't be discouraged by the additional step of peeing in a cup.

For more information, read my report Buying the Best Pregnancy Test. And check out the Bestsellers in Pregnancy Tests list - which is updated hourly - to see what customers are currently buying. Also, see for the latest prices, usually heavily discounted.

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April 2nd, 2010  


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