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Weight Watchers Electronic Scales

Weight Watchers electronic scalesWeight Watchers scales are among the most popular electronic scales on the market, with about a dozen models. (The WW43 Memory Glass Electronic Scale is pictured.) You can read more at the WeightWatchers website.

I have not been able to find objective reviews online of the Weight Watchers scales, though numerous user comments are at such commercial sites as and has provided its own review of one of the models, the WW42R Glass Platform Scale:

Though it looks airy and sleek, this Weight Watchers scale is plenty sturdy as well as incredibly accurate. Designed to start weighing as soon as you step on, the scale displays its readings on a 1.2-by-3-inch LCD monitor. Using a four load cell system for precision, measurements are accurate to .1 pounds and zero out as soon as you step off the platform.

The platform is made from high-strength, impact-resistant glass, while the durable plastic frame is finished with a gleaming chrome exterior. The scale is easy to pick up and comfortable to stand on, as well as an easy match for most contemporary bathrooms.

A simple switch on the underside lets you change from pound readings to kilograms, and the lifetime lithium batteries are easy to access (though you should never need to replace them). Measuring 12-1/4 by 13-3/8 inches, the scale is sized to accommodate larger feet and holds up to 380 pounds (175 kilograms). Conair includes a 10-year warranty.

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Updated: April 10th, 2007
Updated: November 9th, 2007


September 2013 Update:

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