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Tanita BC533 Innerscan Body Composition Monitor

Tanita BC533 Innerscan body composition monitorTanita has won fame for its Innerscan and Ironman series of body fat monitors and scales, and the BC533 is consistently one of the most popular of these. Unfortunately, few objective reviews are available online, although it is possible to find user comments at commercial sites such as and

Here is a short excerpt from a review of Tanita body fat monitors from the Five Star Review website (no longer online):

Independent research at several major universities (including Columbia University in New York City) has confirmed that in clinical settings, the Tanita Body Fat Monitor is accurate within +/- 5 percentage of the institutional standard of body composition analysis--Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA). It should be made clear that there is only one method of calculating body composition that is close to 100% accurate, and that is an autopsy. Tanita believes its method to be the most convenient and accessible to accurately predict body composition. The TBF Series results are repeatable to within +/- 1 percent variation when used under consistent conditions. also carried a review of Tanita body fat monitors:

If you want to measure your body fat on a regular basis, then body fat scales are the best choice. Body fat scales double as a regular bathroom scale and are also easier to use than body fat calipers.

Tanita body fat scales are the top in the industry. They have an extensive selection; however, many of their models are designed for commercial and/or professional use. The Tanita body scales that are designed for home are available online in a variety of prices ranging from about $60.00 to $250.00, but there really isn't any need to pay more than $140.00.

In May 2005, US News & World Report gave a glowing review to Tanita Innerscan body fat monitors:

At last, a scale that people can't wait to step on. The $120 InnerScan from Tanita not only reveals your weight and body fat percentage but goes on to calculate visceral fat (the amount around the organs), bone mass, metabolic age (the average age associated with your metabolism), a physique rating, and an estimate of daily calories to maintain your current state. If you're self-conscious, take heart: At least it doesn't laugh at you.

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Updated: December 23rd, 2009


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