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Fairhaven Digital Basal Thermometer

Fairhaven Digital Basal ThermometerThe low-priced Fairhaven Digital Basal Thermometer is one of the most popular basal thermometers on the market. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find objective reviews.

An article at the Beyond Fertility website is titled, Do I Need a Basal Thermometer? It says:


These thermometers are very good. They run off of a small watch battery and are very accurate. They usually tell you your temperature within a minute or two. Most beep at several second intervals to let you know its working. The newer digital basal thermometers even have a little light to allow you to read the temperature if you take it before the sun rises.


The drawbacks of a digital basal thermometer are the battery. All batteries will go dead eventually and unfortunately you have no way of knowing just when. With the newer models, the battery will probably go dead faster with a light to drain them. When the battery starts to go dead you may not receive an accurate reading. Usually they will last for quite a while; I used mine for over a year before needing to replace the battery. One way of assuring accuracy and good battery life would be to replace the battery before it dies. You can replace it at several months to one year at avoid the battery dying during a morning reading.

The Fairhaven Health website includes promotional material:

The Fairhaven Health™ Digital Basal Thermometer allows a woman to determine her body temperature for basal body temperature (BBT) charting purposes. Designed specifically for fertility charting, Fairhaven Health's Basal Thermometer combines pinpoint accuracy with easy of use. Features include:

• Digital display reads to 1/100th of a degree (e.g. 97.56).
• 1/10th of a degree accuracy - ideal for BBT Charting.
• Digital Recall Memory of last temperature reading.
• Themometer beeps at peak temperature.
• Includes complete instructions with FREE Ovulation Chart.
• For Oral Use Only.

According to an review:

It doesn't cost much and lets you chart accurately so based on that alone this is worth buying.

Some people on here have complained that it takes too long to take your temp. I totally disagree. It is a few minutes, maybe 5 minutes max and that is only if your temp. is at its highest which takes longer. My Dr said to keep the thermometer under the tongue for at least 2 minutes so if this was any quicker I wouldn't feel comfortable that it was accurate.

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Updated: November 7th, 2007


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