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Withings WiFi Body Scale - Does More Than Calculate Body Fat Percentage

calculate body fat percentageThe Withings WiFi Body Scale, the initial product from a young French high-tech company, has been attracting excited attention since its launch onto the US market in September 2009. It could represent the future of body fat monitors. [September 2013 Update - See my new Personal Health Monitors website for a review of the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer.]

The key point is that it claims to be "the world’s first WiFi connected personal weight scale that automatically records the user’s body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index to his/her secure webpage and/or free Withings iPhone application, WiScale."

In other words, it does much more than simply calculate body fat percentage.

Wired magazine wrote:

...not only looks the part, somewhere between the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey and an iPhone, but it performs futuristic functions, too. The scale has Wi-Fi and will beam its findings to the internet where they are recorded and viewable as graphs over time. The scale also trickles a little electricity through your feet and works out your fat percentage. All this while a little progress bar runs on the screen, which is to our mind the neatest part of all.

The companion iPhone app (you saw that one coming, right?) gives access to the stored readings, allowing you to track your weight or view a graph showing just how lardy your ass is now in comparison to, say, a month ago. It looks gimmicky from the outside, but this kind of long-term info is good for bringing health troubles to light.

Oh Gizmo said:

Not only does the Withings Connected Scale look ridiculously stylish with its tempered glass surface, brushed metal accents and inverted LCD display, but its functions actually manage to outweigh its form. It’s able to measure both your weight and body mass index, giving you a better idea of your fitness and health levels, and thanks to a built-in WiFi connection it can upload that data to a website allowing you to monitor your weight and BMI over time in convenient graph form.

According to Engadget:

More often the object of dread than fascination, the humble bathroom scale has been given a makeover by Withings, which has injected the Connected Body Scale with WiFi and an online progress tracking system not too dissimilar from that used by Nike+.

At the time of writing the Withings had received 16 customer reviews at, and, amazingly, all but one rated it five stars.

Here are the headings for several of those reviews:

* A scale that keeps getting better and better

* Awesome little gadget - who would have thought wifi in a scale

* Imagine if Apple designed a bathroom scale

* Easy to use, cutting edge telemedicine

* Get the Latest Price on the Withings WiFi Body Scale.

See also my report Helping You Find the Best Body Fat Scale, which lists the 15 best body fat monitors, based on customer reviews. And check out the Bestsellers in Body Fat Monitors rankings at - updated hourly - to see what people are currently buying.

December 19th, 2009


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Withings WiFi Body Scale - Does More Than Calculate Body Fat Percentage

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