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WrisTech Blood Pressure Monitor

WrisTech blood pressure monitorThe WrisTech is marketed as a budget blood pressure monitor. Here are some details from the Wrist website:

We've all seen blood pressure monitor prices. They are enough to give most people high blood pressure. Until now. Wrist have brought down the price to $39.99

Like most others, Wrist blood pressure monitors are made in the Far East where manufacturing is cheaper. Unlike others, Wrist have decided to share their savings with you.

So what do you get in a $39.99 blood pressure monitor? The same as in a $100 one and more:

* Systolic & Diastolic Pressure
* Pulse Rate
* Date & Time
* Memory Recall

....Wrist even monitors your blood pressure over time. There's an inbuilt time stamp and automatic memory to show the last 48 readings.

The WrisTech has attracted mixed reviews from customers at Here is one:

I purchased this item for for professional purposes. As a nurse, I want to ensure accuracy, so I felt testing it was necessary prior to relying on it. I also want to make it clear that I will continue to test its accuracy (similar to calibration) on a regular basis.

I found that it is quite accurate, but only when used properly. As the manual indicates, the key is that the wrist must be held above the heart, and if not the blood pressure reading will drop by approximately 20 mmHg (or points). When the wrist was above the heart, it was quite accurate.

I've used many wrist cuffs over the years and the one thing I've always disliked about any automated cuff (even for the upper arm) is the over-inflation, which is often painful and quite annoying. This one is very comfortable and does not over-inflate itself.

The readout screen is very large and easy to see, and it is fairly simple to use. The one downfall that I found is that there is no way to turn off the power, or if there is, I've not figured out how and the manual offers no clear instruction on this. That said, it does shut itself off and there is a little badly worded blurb in the manual which perhaps indicates that it shuts off after one minute, and after using it this sounds about right. I don't particularly care for that feature, as this is an additional minute on battery time which I would prefer to save.

All in all this is a good blood pressure cuff and is lightweight, easy to use, accurate as well as inexpensive. That makes for a good buy in my opinion.

And here is another:

I got this monitor for the price and easy to take with me. I need to monitor my blood pressure during the day and the regular types are just too bulky to take with so I thought I would use a wrist one. This one give very high readings compared to other monitors I use at the same time. And with 5-10 minutes the reading vary by 20-30 points. My blood pressure does not vary that much when I have not moved. It is not worth the cheap price to buy.

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May 21st, 2007


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