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Tanita Body Fat Scale

Tanita body fat scaleJapan's Tanita Corporation, established in the 1940s, is a global leader in precision electronic scales and in instruments for body fat measurement. Considerable detail is at the company's website, including information about the fast-growing line of Tanita body composition scales.

The Tanita body fat scale series is divided into various categories - Ironman monitors, Iron Girl monitors, InnerScan monitors, Fitscan monitors and body fat/body water monitors.

It is not easy to find many any objective and independent body fat analyzer review on the internet. However, there are some.

For example, here is US News & World Report:

At last, a scale that people can't wait to step on. The $120 InnerScan from Tanita not only reveals your weight and body fat percentage but goes on to calculate visceral fat (the amount around the organs), bone mass, metabolic age (the average age associated with your metabolism), a physique rating, and an estimate of daily calories to maintain your current state. If you're self-conscious, take heart: At least it doesn't laugh at you. also carried a review of the Tanita body composition monitor range:

If you want to measure your body fat on a regular basis, then body fat scales are the best choice. Body fat scales double as a regular bathroom scale and are also easier to use than body fat calipers.

Tanita body fat scales are the top in the industry. They have an extensive selection; however, many of their models are designed for commercial and/or professional use. The Tanita body scales that are designed for home are available online in a variety of prices ranging from about $60.00 to $250.00, but there really isn't any need to pay more than $140.00.

Tanita's British website carries a series of reviews of the Tanita body fat monitor scale from some prominent users.

Here is an excerpt from one review, from Dr Ian W Campbell, described as a leading obesity expert and Medical Director of charity Weight Concern

As a GP with a special interest in weight management it’s important to me that I have the right equipment to deliver a quality service to my patients. In addition to the usual weight and BMI assessment, accurate measurement of body fat mass forms an integral part of my clinical examination. We are all shaped differently and BMI alone can be misleading. Waist circumference is also a useful assessment but giving patients an accurate assessment of their body fat mass can both inspire and motivate them towards making real lifestyle changes.

...In my practice I use the Tanita BF-350 Body Composition Analyser [picture]. It’s easy and quick to use, takes up no more space than a conventional set of scales, but gives back much more.

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December 14th, 2009


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