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Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor

Tanita BC-554 Ironman body composition monitorTanita now has seven models in its Ironman series of body fat monitor scales. The best place for detailed information about each model - as well as the latest prices - is through the listings at An overview is here, and individual details of five of the models are as follows:

* Tanita BC-548 Ironman Body Composition Monitor

* Tanita BC-549 Ironman Body Composition Monitor

* Tanita BC-552 Ironman Body Composition Monitor

* Tanita BC-553 Ironman Body Composition Monitor

* Tanita BC-554 Ironman Body Composition Monitor (picture)

In an introduction to the series, in a June 2005 press release, the company said about these Tanita body fat scales:

For top tier athletes, individuals involved in intense training and those striving to take their performance to the next level, Tanita’s new Ironman co-branded line of monitors feature the body composition analysis technology of the InnerScan monitors combined with the dedication to peak performance and athletic accomplishment that the Ironman name represents.

The Ironman InnerScan monitors use the most advanced technology available to examine total body composition, including body fat percentage, total body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, visceral fat and physique rating. The three models (BC-552, BC-553, BC-554) show readings on a large, easy to read 2.25” LCD display and have a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

The triathlon website reviewed the Ironman monitors:

I loved the ability of this scale to measure body fat. And I'm not too concerned if it's 100% accurate or not, because I'm just interested in trends. Off-season versus racing form, that kind of thing. For me, the scale could become a good little motivator that helped keep me from getting too far 'off-season' over the holidays. But that's also my one concern about a monitor like this. I'd hate to see someone with an eating disorder use it as a tool which only weakened their self image.

The monitor comes with information about what healthy body fat levels are for men and women and I hope that would serve to educate everyone that certain levels of fat in the body are necessary for good health.

....Overall, this is a great scale that fills a void in the home market. And when one considers that prices range from US$99.99 to $129.99, they are very reasonably priced compared to their non-body fat monitoring cousins.

Fitness instructor and motivational speaker Joan Price wrote at her website of the Tanita Ironman scale:

When a beginning exerciser starts working out, she often complains of gaining weight, because she's losing fat but gaining muscle. This is a good thing--but all she sees on the scale is weight gain. Not so with these new models from Tanita that are actually body fat monitors. My model BC-553, for example, tells weight; amount of fat (using bioelectric impedance analysis), muscle, water, and bone; basal metabolic rate; and metabolic age. Very motivating! Maybe I like this monitor so much because it tells me that my 62-year-old body has the metabolic age of a 25-year-old! Who wouldn't love a scale that delivers such news?

The Final Sprint website reviewer concluded:

Pros: Surprisingly accurate; easy to use; memory for multiple users; sleek design; quick and convenient

Cons: A bit expensive for amateur athletes; results affected by fluctuation in body water levels

Overall: Considering the prohibitive expense of water displacement tests and the inaccurate results provided by most at-home options, Tanita’s IRONMAN Elite InnerScan is an excellent choice for athletes who want to monitor the effectiveness of their fitness and nutritional regimens.

DingBat magazine named the Tanita BC-553 monitor as one of its "Cool Tools" for 2006 (no longer online):

With this great digital tool, you’ll get a precise read on your weight, and a whole lot more. While the Ironman scale is targeted for the peak performance crowd, weekend athletes will likewise have a ball jogging the numbers. Instead of saying, How fat am I? you can also ask more esoteric questions, like, How much water am I? How much muscle? What’s my metabolic age? My basal metabolic rate? (indicating how fast you burn calories). Is my bone mass what it should be? What’s my overall physique rating? The Ironman even measures visceral fat, considered an indicator of risk for both heart disease and type two diabetes. The scale comes with a large, clear LCD display, and it’s easy to set and store your readings in memory. It’s a good way to entice kids to stay fit, too. Remember: there’s more to fitness than watching your weight. Get the Inner Scan.

* Get the Latest Prices on the Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor.

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Updated: December 14th, 2009


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