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StrollometerThe Strollometer is a wireless pedometer for baby strollers, from a company called 9 Months Up, 9 Months Down. It is intended especially for women wishing to get back into shape after the birth of a baby.

It offers eight functions: current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, daily distance, trip time, clock time and ambient temperature. You can read more about it at its own website.

The Strollometer was one of 10 winners of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association 2006 Innovation Awards, and it has also won an iParenting Media Award.

A press release about the product described it as follows:

Designed from the ground up, the Strollometer easily straps-on, straps-off any stroller. It fits horizontal and vertical handlebars, plastic mag and spoked wheels, and can be set for wheel sizes as small as 10cm in diameter. The package also contains a pouch to carry the Strollometer and the instruction manual includes a ruler to help measure wheel size. It is patent pending in the US and worldwide.

The Strollometer is distinctive in its contemporary design, and is available in three color combinations: black/green, black/lavender, blue/black.

Parenting magazine wrote:

Don't think pushing a stroller is "real" exercise? You'll love this gadget. Attach it to the handle (the sensor goes on the stroller leg) and then watch the miles add up. It also measures time and speed, so for an aerobic boost aim for a mile in under 20 minutes.

Gizmodo, desperately trying to be funny, commented:

One time in High School, we sat on a toilet seat without using one of those seat covers and totally got pregnant. Then we got fat, and ick, could hardly find the time to stay in shape. If only we had this Strollometer to keep us fit....Maintain your health while taking your child outdoors.

The Chip Chick gadget review website said:

I expected the Strollometer ($40) - an odometer for a baby carriage - to be the evil-adapted offspring of a cycling computer and a pedometer. It is, rather, that rarest of gizmos: a novel, high-quality, thoughtfully designed item that serves a very specific audience very well. It's simple to install, with clear instructions and sturdy components. A magnetic sensor on the back wheel feeds wirelessly to the console, which snaps onto the stroller handle. Crazily enough, it works well, accurately tracking speed, distance and trip time, even at a run. And it tells the temperature too.

According to the Fitness Gadgets website:

Here’s a bit of a twist on your basic pedometer: the Strollometer is for walking with a stroller. It’s designed to make it easier to monitor your walking workout when you’re trying to get off a few post-pregnancy pounds (although I suppose it could be helpful for dads too)....At the end of the day, I’m not sure how the Strollometer is much different from a traditional pedometer, except that it is designed to strap to a stroller, and it measures wheel rotations instead of actual steps.

Ubergizmo wrote:

Anyone who has just given birth will definitely shun the Nike + iPod kit as that would require one to really pound the pavement. No, new mothers who are recuperating from childbirth and want to get back into shape will do much better with the easy-to-install Strollometer.

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Updated: December 12th, 2007



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