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Sportline Pedometer

Sportline pedometerSportline is a prominent manufacturer of fitness equipment, particularly heart rate monitors and the Sportline pedometer. It is a subsidiary of the EB Brands group, which also manufactures products such as Samsonite and American Tourister travel accessories.

It sells a large range of popular and generally low-cost pedometers. At the time of writing, several of these were on the Bestsellers in Pedometers list. You can learn more at the company website.

Some of its more popular Sportline pedometers are:

* Sportline 330 pedometer

* Sportline 340 pedometer

* Sportline 345 pedometer

* Sportline 350 pedometer (picture)

* Sportline 360 pedometer

It is difficult to find online any objective and independent reviews of the Sportline fitness pedometer. Here is an excerpt of a review from the Walking website of the Sportline 340 pedometer:

For a simple, inexpensive step counting pedometer, this is a good choice. It counts steps and estimates distance in miles or kilometers. It has been redesigned from the original and now has an oblong shape to fit better on your waistband. It also has an improved advanced pendulum mechanism. But it doesn't edit out junk steps or have a sensitivity adjustment. Because of this, it may register more steps than more advanced designs. That said, it compared almost identically with a more advanced pedometer worn at the same time.

And from the same site a review of the Sportline 350 pedometer:

The big, easy-to-read display is great, as is the scan feature to scroll through the different values for steps, distance, time, calories. It also displays running totals for all values. You can switch from miles to kilometers, but doing so resets the values so you must choose which you want for each exercise session. You can set stride length in increments of 1 inch for good accuracy. The buttons are shielded inside the case so you can't accidentally reset them while walking. You must open the case to read the display.

And the Sportline 360 pedometer:

The Sportline 360 has all the features you are likely to want in a pedometer. The dual-line display shows distance and the other data - steps, calories, speed, steps-per-minute, time of day. You can scroll through these with the "scan" function. It also times your workout and can display the total for the past 7 days.

The clip holds it securely to your belt, better than some models. The flip-open cover ensures you don't accidentally hit a button and erase you total while walking. One drawback is that to change from kilometers to miles and back it wipes out the current count.

The battery is replaceable. It doesn't come with a safety leash, but I highly recommend adding one or making your own out of string and a safety pin. I have lost too many pedometers from my waistband to ever trust just the belt clip.

But also check out, for the latest prices, and where customer reviews for the Sportline pedometer range tend to be mixed.

December 10th, 2009




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