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Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Schwinn exercise bikesThe Schwinn name is one of the gold standards for fitness equipment. You can read more at the company's own website, including details of its founding way back in 1895, and many user testimonials.

Also, check out the Fitness Events body-building website, which said:

As a result of recent emails we decided upon a new exercise bike review, looking at all of the new offerings from the top manufacturers. We had our team of experts as well as a number of our visitors test various models and we put them together to determine our top recommendation.

In our search for the very best exercise bike, we took into account quality, ease of use, price, durability, reputation, warranty and value for the money.

So what is the best exercise bike? The unanimous choice among our panel and visitors is the Schwinn line of recumbent and upright bikes. They received the highest scores for price, model choices, reliability and customer service.

The company makes a large range of exercise bikes, and at a sales site like you will often find that Schwinn products make up as many as 10 of the 25 best sellers.

One of the most popular models is the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike (picture), which in late-2009 had attracted an amazing 227 customer review at Amazon.coms, with nearly 90 per cent of the reviewers awarding it four or five stars (out of five).

Here is an excerpt from one review:

This is my first experience with a recumbent following PT for my knees and I couldn't be happier with every aspect of the bike. It is easy on the back, has lots of features that make it a real "10": step-through allows us seniors or anyone folks to access the seat and rise off the machine without tripping on a clumsy crossbar; Totally silent flywheel which allows conversation or watching TV without even turning up the volume (which was not the case with my older upright exercise Schwinn bike); assembly was a breeze because of the great fit and finish of all hardware (OK, so being 62 and female, I am allowed some wrong moves in following the directions, but it wasn't Schwinn's fault that it took me about 3.0 hrs to assemble); and the best feature is that it looks good too! Recommend it highly

And another:

I am close to 250 pounds, my wife is a size 4. We both comfortably fit on this.

It is surprisingly, yes, surprisingly well made, designed, and sturdy.

You can pay less and get less quality. You can pay more, and get considerably less for the money.

A highly popular low-cost model is the Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike. It officially retails for $499, but you should be able to find it online for around $350.

It too has attracted numerous favorable reviews. Here is one:

I assembled this bike this morning and it was EASY and I usually HATE to assemble things. We have a Schwinn Airdyne but I don't want that much of an upper body workout, so I decided on this model after MUCH shopping around. The Schwinn name is one we already trusted from previous purchases. The bike is so easy to use and it's absolutely SILENT! It has a very sturdy feel. The seat is easy and quick to adjust, so my 11 year old daughter used it after I did. We're going to put LOTS of miles on this bike! And-- maybe the best part-- Amazon's price blew everybody away!!!

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