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CPAP Mask Reviews - Respironics CPAP Masks

CPAP mask reviewsRespironics, a division of consumer electronics giant Philips, is, according to the website:

The market leader in the CPAP therapy market....They are known for their high end CPAP, BiPAP and APAP Machines....Respironics innovations of note include C-Flex, Bi-Flex and the recent invention of the worlds first Nasal Cushion style CPAP Mask, the ComfortCurve.

The company's own website provides details of its extensive range of masks, which are sold under a range of names which include ComfortGel, ComfortLite, ComfortFull, ComfortCurve, ComfortSelect (pictured) and ComfortClassic.

The RemedyFind site (no longer online) offered more than 100 user reviews of CPAP equipment, and is an excellent resource. Here is a review of the ComfortLite2:

I have tried many different kinds of headgear and masks. The best so far is ComfortLite2. I have accepted the fact that I must do this every night or risk damaging vital organs - like my brain. Please take this condition seriously. If you were tested and have it - use a CPAP every night. It's not pretty. I don't enjoy putting it on. It's about the quality of the rest of your life. This headgear is the least irritating I have found so far. It is lightweight and no stray marks and my hair is in reasonably good shape in the morning.

At The CPAP Review website, a comprehensive review of the Respironics FullLife CPAP mask concluded:

Overall, the positives FAR OUTWEIGH the negatives for this mask. It is easily my favorite full face mask I've ever worn, and I have worn quite a few!

I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND purchasing the FitPack (the version of the mask that comes with all 3 mask sizes). It is really important for you to have the option to try multiple sizes to see which one prevents leaks the best. I tried on all three sizes, and could hypothetically sleep through an entire night with any of them. However, personally, the medium was the best at stopping the leaks.

Bottom line, if you are a mouth breather, you NEED to try this mask. It is super comfortable, and definitely worth the hefty price tag.

Three excellent forums, full of consumer comments on CPAP masks, are CPAP Talk, Talk About Sleep and CPAP Station.

The Live-Awake website reviewed the ComfortGel model (no longer online):

I am constantly testing out new masks, but the Respironics ComfortGel mask has been the one, so far, that I always go back to. I think that the main reason that I keep returning to this mask is because it is simple. I don’t have any problems of missing small parts, and there are not a lot of things on it that could break. The most problems I ever have with this mask are twisted head gear (which is definitely not unique to this mask). is a sales site that incorporates a large number of consumer reviews for Respironics CPAP masks.

In addition, check out for some of the best deals on Respironics masks, along with customer reviews.

November 13th, 2009



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