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Polar S625X Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar S625X heart rate monitorThe S625X is one of Polar's top-end heart rate monitors, with numerous features that enables it to process data as you engage in exercise. You can read full details at the company's website. Here are just some brief details:

* Displays your heart rate as beats per minute and percentage of maximum heart rate, average heart rate, and exercise duration
* S1 foot pod shoe-mounted sensor that continually relays computed velocity and distance information to monitor
* Runners' data including total speed and distance, speed displayed in pace or kmph/mph
* Wirelessly sends exercise data to PC via infrared connection
* Allows you to set 5 exercise sets for interval training with HR target zones and recovery calculation
* Records a complete file and five summary files of the exercises
* Predicts your maximal oxygen uptake
* Reduces possible interference from other heart rate monitors
* Target heart rate zones with audible and visual alarm

In a lengthy review (five pages long) The Competitive Runner website said:

The Polar S625X is a top of the line Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). Let's get that out of the way. You won't find a better HRM anywhere. It is, after all, a Polar. But in addition to the HRM, you also get a foot pod that you lace into your shoe. This pod contains an accelerometer, which estimates the distance of each step. This differs from a pedometer, which simply counts your steps. Because the foot pod actually estimates the distance of each step, it is pretty accurate even without calibration.

...The HRM features of the S625X set it apart from other speed, distance, and heart rate devices. Nothing comes close to the comfort of the WearLink transmitter. With calibration, the Polar S625X measures speed and distance accurately and responds quickly to changes in pace. The technology also allows you to use it while running under dense trees, amongst tall buildings, and on a treadmill. GPS units fall down here.

Further praise came from the PC Coach website:

I'm sitting at the coffee shop, and a friend walks up and says he wants a new heart monitor, but he has searched the web and gotten totally confused about what to buy. I know he cycles and runs. "Are you kidding?" I ask. "The Polar S625X is a slam-dunk for you! How could there be any doubt?" He claims that it's hard to read a list of features and know the real truth about this model or that. He wants to hear from me, since I've owned several models, and I know what it is like to use them.

He came to the right person. I have owned every significant model of Polar HRM in the past ten years, as well as competing models from other manufacturers. I'm a junkie, I admit, but it puts me in a good position to have the kind of information my friend needed.

It's also my job. As the 'training technology expert' here at PC Coach, I have written several articles that describe the features of the S625X and compare it to other models.

For the S625X, Polar gathered up all of the best of their technology into one package, plus something truly exciting and new.

At Adventure Race Reports comes this review:

I wanted something that could record running distance, and was torn between getting a Garmin ForeRunner 301 (which uses GPS to measure distance) and a Polar S625x (which uses inertial sensing to measure distance). Ultimately, after a thorough search of the newsgroups to find out what other's experiences were, I chose the Polar ... seemed that the Garmin had too many problems maintaining a lock on satellites in mountainous / forested conditions, and there were reports that its heart rate monitor would give erroneous data after about 2 months of use.

Overall, the S625x works really well -- accurate recording of heart rate, cycling distance, and running distance. Right now I'm not using it for advanced training, but instead to simply keep track of how I've been exercising from week to week.

So, would this watch be useful for adventure racing? I think yes, but wonder if it might be considered TOO useful. Of course the cycling and heart rate functions are useful, and the altimeter would be great for navigational purposes, but having super-accurate distance readouts while on trekking legs would be awesome!

* Get More Reviews and the Best Deals on the Polar S625X Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Also, check out the Polar Store at for special offers and promotions, as well as user reviews and information on new products.

See also my Guide to Buying the Best Heart Rate Monitor.

November 13th, 2009


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