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Ovulite Home Fertility Predictor

Ovulite home fertility predictorThe Ovulite, from Smith-Abbott Laboratories, is a saliva-based home fertility tester which predicts - with a claimed 98% degree of accuracy - a woman’s likelihood of becoming pregnant on a specific day within her monthly cycle.

According to a press release (no longer online) introducing the product:

The neatly packaged, lipstick-sized Ovulite product uses saliva to calculate a woman’s periods of fertility by employing a technique similar to laboratory staining. Ovulite is non-invasive, 100% hygienic, 98% accurate, and provides results in minutes.

“Ovulite provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective conception prediction method, enabling users to observe ‘fern-like’ patterns of dried saliva through an illuminated microscope and compare it with easy-to-read diagrams included in the kit,” said Jonathan Barash, VP Marketing, Abbott-Smith Labs.

“Women can detect biochemical and hormonal level changes in their bodies and increase their chances for conception. When the user keeps a diary of tests for three fertility cycles, she can accurately calculate her ‘fertility window’."

A review at the Preconception website said:

On the outside, the Ovulite does not look much different from The Donna, another saliva-based product to test fertility. Both are about the size of a lipstick tube, both use a mini-microscope to allow you to view the saliva, and both come with a "trendy" and discreet carrying case.

But, as I found after delving a little deeper, there are a number of differences, which I think set Ovulite apart.

First, Ovulite is clear you need to use it first thing in the morning. This is crucial, I found. The Donna says to wait a few hours after eating, but I tried that and it didn't work for me. In fact, I had already discovered that using it right after I woke up was the best viewing time.

For some reason, the Ovulite is also easier to view. I had a hard time with The Donna. Sometimes I just could not get it to focus and could not tell what I was looking at. With the Ovulite it's very clear when you have a ferning pattern and not as much focusing is needed.

The Beyond Fertility website commented:

The OvuLite is one of the best selling monitors because of its quality design and purpose. Each OvuLite offers unlimited testing with 98% accuracy. These units are saliva based, therefore are more hygienic than urine based monitors.

Detecting the fern patterns in saliva is an excellent way of predicting ovulation. The OvuLite does just this as a personal microscope. Each morning place a drop of saliva onto the microscope slide. Do this before eating or drinking. Wait for the slide to completely dry then view the results in the scope.

You will see one of three things: 1. Infertile – with only dots or nothing. 2. Possible – With a few scattered ferns and lines among the dots. 3. Fertile – a complete weave of ferns (or lines). It’s during the “possible” and “fertile” times that it’s best to have sexual intercourse in order to conceive. OR if you are using the unit as birth control, to avoid sexual intercourse.

Please note, the manufacturer suggests the OvuLite be used only for purposes of pro-creation. However, there are many women, including the author of this article, who successfully use these ovulation microscopes as birth control as well.

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July 26th, 2006
Updated: November 10th, 2007


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