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OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue fertility monitorThe OvaCue is a product of Zetek Inc. You can read more about it at the Zetek corporate website. According to the company:

Using the OvaCue is simple. You simply put a spoon-sized sensor on your tongue for five seconds each morning and the OvaCue will automatically display and record your fertility for the day. The OvaCue tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile period — automatically. Plus, you can download your readings to a PC for convenient tracking on a calendar.

Zetek’s Electrolyte Method has been proven to be 98% accurate at predicting and confirming ovulation in numerous studies, including those sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and published in peer-reviewed journal articles. (Note, confirmation of ovulation requires the optional vaginal sensor.)

The OvaCue requires no handling of urine or saliva to use. The OvaCue is very economical because it can be used for years and does not require additional purchases. The OvaCue comes complete with the base unit, sealed oral sensor, carrying case, owner’s manual, battery and a free pregnancy test.

Included at the corporate website is guidance on how to choose a fertility monitor, and an article titled "Compare fertility monitors for practicality and value."

According to the Beyond Fertility website:

Of all the fertility monitors out there, the ones made by Zetek are among the very best of the "high end" monitors in my opinion. These are a bit more pricey and are an investment in the future.

The Zetek monitors called Cue II and OvaCue cost from $198 to $383 depending on which model and accessories you choose. While the price seems a bit high at the beginning, when you realize that you’ll actually be saving money in the long run, you’ll see what a gem these monitors truly are.

...The price range of the Zetek monitors compare to that of the Clear Blue Easy (Clear Plan) however the price is the only similarity in my opinion. With the Clear Blue Easy you have to purchase test strips each month, which can cost up to an additional $50 per month. With the Zetek monitors the only thing you’ll ever have to purchase after the initial buy is a 9 volt battery. I’ve had my Cue II since 2001 and I’m still using the same 9 volt battery that came with the unit!

...Do these monitors really work? YES! My baby is living proof. The Cue II alerted to ovulation seven days prior, and I confirmed ovulation and conception happened. Eleven days later I had a positive pregnancy test!

On a personal note, I use the Cue II as birth control. The manufacturer makes no claim that the monitors can be used as birth control, however I personally feel that with proper understanding of the fertility cycle, these units work well for me as birth control.

A review at the website commented:

OvaCue works by detecting this gradual increase in the hormone estrogen. Unlike the LH surge (which is like a sudden hormone "spike" that lasts only a day or two), estrogen increases gradually - more like a "bell curve" than a brief lh spike. The result of this slower, steady build up in estrogen is that you are able to detect signs of ovulation several days to a week before you ovulate. Lh tests typically provide 12-36 hour's notice of impending ovulation. Ovacue provides up to a week's notice. The advantage is that you can better plan and prepare to time intercourse in order to increase your chances of conceiving a baby.

According to the Conceiving Concepts website (no longer online):

The Electrolyte Method has been approved by the U.S. FDA as an aid for conception and by the Vatican as consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The OvaCue is more accurate than the BBT method and offers more advance notice of ovulation than methods that measure luteinizing hormones (LH).

Additionally monitoring LH, a hormone released with ovulation, requires frequent, costly blood tests or inconvenient urine tests that give little advance notice. The only better method for detecting the onset of ovulation is scanning for the release of the ovum from the dominant follicle through ultrasonic imaging, an expensive and cumbersome process not suited for home use.

The Complete Fertility website wrote:

Like the ClearBlue, the OvaCue is able to track both the LH surge and increases in estrogen. It offers accuracy and ease-of-use. What makes the OvaCue unique is that you can use saliva instead of urine samples. Just place a dab of saliva on the biosensor and the OvaCue will tell you if you are nearing ovulation. The OvaCue comes as a self-contained unit, but a vaginal sensor is available as an accessory for increased accuracy, as well as a software program that uploads results into an ovulation calendar. Pretty amazing stuff! An additional advantage of the OvaCue is that is does not require additional test sticks or biosensors.

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July 26th, 2006
Updated: November 10th, 2007


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