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Oregon Scientific Pedometer

Oregon Scientific pedometerOregon Scientific, founded in Portland in 1989, is now a leader in a number of high-tech devices. It has a strong reputation for its pedometers, and at its website it currently lists 10 of these (although at online sales sites such as you will find others).

In particular, the company is adept at adding a range of useful functions to its models. Thus, you find the following:

* Oregon Scientific PE828 Pedometer with Calorie Counter

* Oregon Scientific Pedometer with PC Download

* Oregon Scientific PE829 Talking Pedometer with FM Radio

* Oregon Scientific PE329 Pedometer with Panic Alarm (picture)

* Oregon Scientific Digital Pedometer with Pulse Meter

...and more.

The most popular among these is the PE828. According to a product description:

Keep track of distance, calories and progress toward exercise targets while offering peace of mind! This stylish pedometer measures distance walked, calories and steps. A quick pull of the strap causes the pedometer to emit a high pitched alarm. Pedometer provides feedback on exercise goal and stores seven days of activity for monitoring progress.

At you can find (at time of writing) four customer reviews for the Oregon Scientific pedometer. Two award it five stars and two award it one star.

Here is a five-star review:

I love this pedometer it works great and is easy to figure out. I love the panic alarm it truly is loud enough to alert others around you that you may need help. The memory is awesome I use it for the 5 days at work that a co-worker and I walk and I can keep track of last weeks walk so I can increase my distance each week. The numbers are large enough to read without my reading glasses on. I clip it thru my belt loop onto my pocket so if it falls off I will not lose, however it is very secure clipped to my pocket. A great buy you will not be sorry you purchased this.

And a one-star review:

I really would give this 0 stars. It was difficult to program and it would work for 3 steps and then quit. I have returned the product. (There were 4 adults trying to get it to work). It is awkward to use when it does work.

The best source of further information about Oregon Scientific pedometers, along with the latest prices, promotions and special offers, is the Oregon Scientific store at

See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Pedometer. And check out the pedometer bestseller rankings at, updated hourly, to see what people are currently buying.

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December 10th, 2009



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