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Oregon Scientific MP121 Waterproof MP3 Player and Pedometer

Oregon Scientific MP121 pedometer and MP3 playerThe Oregon Scientific MP121 Waterproof MP3 Player and Pedometer is reviewed by the DMN Forums website:

The business of marketing MP3 players is getting to be more difficult all the time, particularly if you’re not selling iPods. Apple’s popular music players command such a gigantic market share, only scraps of the market are left over for other players. The solution to this dilemma is to offer niche products that accomplish specialized tasks. Oregon Scientific has done just that with its MP121 waterproof MP3 player with FM radio and built-in pedometer ($149.95). Now runners, walkers, skiers and even swimmers can enjoy high-fidelity music and keep track of their exercise progress at the same time.

The lengthy review concludes:

I like the form factor of the MP121, and it fits nicely in a pocket or purse. As an MP3 player it sounds very good, and if its 512 MB capacity is not enough, Oregon Scientific also offers a 1GB waterproof player/pedometer model for $40 more. The MP121’s menu system is fiendishly difficult to navigate, and I found myself making mistakes until I got the hang of it, but with a little patience it’s possible to finally learn how to use it. Bottom line, it gets the job done, but not without some consternation. It’s a specialized MP3 player that fills a niche for those who like to exercise, and even swim, while listening to music at the same time. Recommended. 8.2 out of 10 stars.

Gizmodo also carries a review:

Oregon Scientific shows us what they’re made of (and what kind of drugs they’re on) once again with the MP121 Waterproof MP3 Player and Pedometer. Yes, that’s right, you too can now listen to music in the rain and count how many steps you’ve taken, all for just $150. The product is really being marketed to swimmers and, um, waterskiers it seems. But with an included FM radio, I think it’s really for all of us, don’t you?

The Oregon Scientific website says about the pedometer:

The MP121 combines a waterproof and shockproof design with an impressive list of advanced features: 1GB of internal memory, integrated FM radio, built-in rechargeable battery, USB 2.0 for fast file transfers and a built-in pedometer. Fill one up with your favorite music and take it to the gym, on a walk or take it for a swim!

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Updated December 12th, 2009



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