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Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron HEM-650 wrist blood pressure monitorWrist blood pressure monitors are, in the words of the Omron website, "portable, accurate and simple to use. They provide a convenient choice for those who want a second unit for away from home or who have trouble placing a cuff on their arm. Correct cuff positioning is critical when monitoring blood pressure."

The company makes four automatic wrist blood pressure monitors. They are:

* Omron HEM-609 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

* Omron HEM-629 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

* Omron HEM-637 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

* Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (picture)

There is not such a lot of difference between them.

The HEM-637 and HEM-650 are distinguished by the addition of what the company calls an "advanced positioning sensor" (APS), which confirms that the cuff is level with the user's heart.

The HEM-637 features on-screen graphics, and the HEM-609 and the HEM-650 incorporate an irregular heartbeat detector. (The HEM-650 is the best selling of the four models.)

In June 2003, Consumer Reports magazine featured the result of tests on blood pressure monitors. The report is for subscribers only, but in 2004 the Pharmacist's Letter/Prescriber's Letter published a three-page newssheet "Home Blood Pressure Monitors", for doctors to give to their patients. It included a comparison table of leading models. It said that, among the wrist units, the Omron HEM-637 was "rated most highly by Consumer Reports".

The Treo Central website wrote:

Omron is one well-respected company that makes many models of reliable, battery-powered electronic blood pressure monitors, and about $50.00 to $75.00 will get you a compact, easy-to-use wrist or arm monitor at your local drug store or from online merchants.

These inexpensive devices are accurate to about plus or minus 2%, which, according to my doctor, is fine. They're easy to use (especially the wrist models) and it takes half a minute to get a reading. The latest generation fancier home blood pressure monitors have memory features to store up to 90 previous readings.

Forget "finger" style monitors – they too are not accurate; go with the compact electronic wrist or arm style, and don't buy someone else's used one. You don't know how often it's been used, and since these devices use an inflatable cuff, the slightest pinprick of a hole can render them useless. Buy a new one, sealed in the box, with a warranty. This IS your life we're talking about here, so don't cheap out.

The About: Men's Health website included the HEM-629 and the HEM-637 in a report titled "Top 10 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors".

Otherwise, however, it is unfortunately difficult to find objective reviews online of products such as home blood pressure monitors. One of the best sources is the user reviews at sales sites like Though hardly scientific, such reviews provide excellent insight into how the product actually works in a real-life home setting.

Here is a five-star review for the HEM-650:

I was looking for a device that would be easy for my 88 year-old mother to use on her own. She was told to monitor her blood pressure, but can't use the public style because they are set to test the left arm. Because of prior surgery, her left arm can't be used.

So, when looking for the wrist type, this monitor had all the qualities I was looking for. When we received it and showed Mom how to use it, she found it easy to use and easy to read because the screen uses large print. She doesn't have to write anything down. She takes it to her doctor and he can read back through the last 90 days (one reading per day). Because she has an occasional problem with ventricular tachycardia, the monitor also lets her know if the heart is beating irregularly with a simple picture.

The cuff beeps when you have it positioned properly for inflation. This isn't a function that is useful for Mom, because she is hard of hearing. But, fortunately, the beep isn't really necessary because positioning is easy for everyone--fingertips on your shoulder. I have recommended this monitor to everyone. I am a dental hygienist and frequently have to monitor blood pressure readings on my patients. I bought one for use at my office. It is quite accurate according to my patients. So I've found nothing negative about this product.

See also my new website for more recent reviews of Omron blood pressure monitors.

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May 17th, 2007


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