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Omron Heart Rate Monitor

Omron heart rate monitorIt is ironic that Omron is promoting just one heart rate monitor at its website, the HR-100C (picture) - when rivals like Polar and Timex have dozens - yet this is one of the best selling monitors in America. At most times it seems to be top ranked in the bestseller list at, and it has attracted more than 550 customer reviews, an amazing number for a health device.

The Running & Jogging website has awarded the Omron heart rate monitor a full five stars, and commented:

I’ve heard very few bad things about the Omron HR-100C heart rate monitor over the years and, personally, I think it is the best basic heart rate monitor on the market. It doesn’t cost a fortune, is easy-to-use, durable, and accurate. What more could you ask for? The one complaint I’ve heard about this product is that the chest strap and watch band are too big for very petite women. This is a common problem among heart rate monitors, unfortunately; if you are petite, be very careful about which HRM you buy (or make sure they will refund you if it doesn’t fit). For those of you that aren’t very petite women, this HRM is a superb find.

It is a very basic device, as a product description indicates:

[It] is easy to program and a cinch to wear, with a ventilated watch band....To ensure you don't drop above or below your proper level, the HR-100C is built with an alarm option that indicates low and high heart rates. Omron includes a chest transmitter belt with the wristwatch-style monitor. This transmitter sends data to the receiver on your wrist at a distance up to 98 feet (30 meters). The HR-100C is built with a backlight function for exercising after nightfall, and it also displays time of day and a daily reminder alarm feature. Also included is a mounting bracket that makes it easy to attach the watch receiver to most treadmills and bicycles and a soft, zippered storage case.

The list price is $59.99, which is what it sells for at Omron's own website. However, at other online sites like you will often find it selling at around half that price.

Here is a four-star review from

This was my first heart rate monitor & I am very pleased with it. Did not require a lot of instruction. The chest strap is comfortable. Occasionally the monitor does not immediately pick up an accurate rate when first put on - but after a few seconds you are ready to go. I will be ordering another for my mother. Excellent product for the price.

And a five-star review:

This is the perfect HRM for anyone just trying to monitor their heart rate. Directions for set-up are very easy. The price for this HRM is pretty cheap compared to others. Comes in a great storage zipper bag. If you need something with more features like calorie counting, average heart rate, etc. then you need to look elsewhere. Now that I can keep track of my target zone for weight loss I have lost 10 pounds in one month. Seems like I was not working hard enough. The alarms are really great and let you know if you are not working out hard enough or working out too hard. I have purchased two already for myself and girlfriend and both work properly and they do not seem to obstruct with each other. Great buy for beginner or advanced.

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See also my Guide to Buying the Best Heart Rate Monitor. And check out the heart rate monitor bestseller rankings at to see what people are currently buying.

November 24th, 2009


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