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Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale

Omron HBF-400 body fat monitorOmron leads in pedometers and blood pressure monitors, but it lags Tanita in body fat monitors. Nevertheless, the Omron HBF-400 body fat monitor and scale is among Omron’s most popular electronic personal health devices, along with its sister body fat estimator, the portable Omron HBF-306 body fat analyzer.

A reasonable price and the Omron reputation have made this a very popular body fat monitor scale. The list price is $59.99, but you should readily find it for around $40 at online retail outlets like

According to the Omron Healthcare website:

Omron's Fat Loss Monitor with Scale (Model HBF-400) helps users monitor their overall weight while determining body-fat percentage, a true indicator of healthy weight loss--the loss of fat, not muscle and body mass index (BMI). The HBF-400 is a fast and accurate tool that provides critical health indicators.

* Measures 3 Fitness Indicators: Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Weight

* 4 Person Profile with previous measurement results

* Easy on/off switch at the base

* Large LCD display

I have not been able to find online any independent, objective reviews of this Omron body fat scale. However, an indication of its popularity is that it has attracted, at the time of writing, more than 420 customer reviews at, with around three-quarters of these four-star or five-star reviews.

One said:

I compared this body fat monitor to similar ones from Tanita. You are definitely getting more for your money here. It stores up to 4 users where the Tanita models only store 2 and compares function for function elsewhere at a lower price point. Not to mention that this scale just feels like better quality when you pick it up.

And another said:

I recently started Weight Watchers and was looking to purchase a new and accurate scale. I figured I would buy a WW product, but after reading the reviews, I decided to go with the Omron scale. I am very pleased with this product. It has been extremely accurate. It keeps a history for both my husband and I. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone! It is also an attractive scale which is a bonus.

* Get the Latest Price on the Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale.

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Updated: December 12th, 2009


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