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Nike Heart Rate Monitor

Nike hert rate monitorSportswear giant Nike also makes quite a range of sporting accessories, including sports watches and a small selection of heart rate monitors.

Probably one of the most popular of these is the Nike Women's Imara Heart Rate Monitor Watch (picture). As the name indicates, it is designed specifically for women users.

According to a product description:

Svelte, sporty, and stylishly subdued, the Nike Imara HRM women's digital watch offers enough flair to match your contemporary casual couture.

It also offers basic chronograph timing features coupled with an accurate heart rate monitor, which enables you to keep track of your cardio training with a programmable heart rate zone (via the included chest strap) and an audible alert when your readings are out of that zone. Two countdown timers help you time alternate between hard and easy for interval training or run/walk events. It also provides two time zones, date display, and one alarm.

The Imara's black watch case and pre-curved polyurethane strap have a sleek, narrow profile with a durable, highly polished silver stainless steel bezel. Other features include a stylish, oversized stainless steel buckle, water resistance to 50 meters (165 feet), one-touch backlighting, scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal, and a battery hatch on the backplate for easy battery replacement.

I have not been able to find online any independent reviews of the Imara. However, some user reviews are at, and these are generally favorable. Here is an excerpt from one:

The watch itself is very easy to program and simple to use. The face is smaller than some of the other HRMs I've seen and is also supposed to have a smaller band since it was designed for women. I like that even if you have it just on 'time' mode in the lower part of the screen you can still see your heartrate. The watch also has a 'turn off' feature to save on batteries. It automatically will turn off after 12 or 24hrs of non use (if you want it to) in order to save battery power (this doesnt require you to reset the time or anything though). You can change the batteries yourself (unlike some of the other HRM brands where you have to send it in to have the battery changed).

...Overall I'm extremely happy with this HRM. It has all the features I wanted, a nice design, and decent price without a lot of extra features I would never use.

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November 20th, 2009


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