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ResMed Mirage Swift CPAP Nasal Pillows System

ResMed Mirage Swift CPAPThe Mirage Swift Nasal Pillows System is part of the range of CPAP equipment from ResMed. You can read more about it, including a product brochure, at the company's website.

According to the company:

The Mirage Swift nasal pillows system provides Mirage comfort and quality in a nasal pillows system. It's ideal for people who want a light, flexible system that provides a clear field of vision.

- Nasal pillows rest comfortably at the entrance of the nostrils

- Feather-light at 2.5 oz

- Multiple tube positions for greater choice in sleeping positions

- Soft and secure headgear provides comfort and stability

- Superior seal with minimum pressure makes this a true Mirage system

A user at RemedyFind said (no longer online):

I adapted fairly quickly to the CPAP w/humidifier in that it didn't make it any harder to fall asleep, but my insomnia is still just as bad. I do plan to go back to using my machine as soon as my "intestinal" health improves.

Check out the CPAP Station website for a large number of generally favorable reviews of the Mirage Swift system.

Here is one:

Very lightweight, nicely comfortable nasal pillows system. takes a little getting used to just how lightly this gear sits on the head and face; but once used to it, its awesome.

And another:

While very much more comfortable to wear than a nasal mask, I do find it a bit noisier and a little harder on the nasal passages. However, I think it's a superior design to the nasal mask.

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February 27th, 2007
Updated: November 9th, 2007



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