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Lifeloc FC10 Breath Alcohol Tester

Lifeloc FC10 breathalyzerLifeloc makes professional breath alcohol testers based on fuel cell technology. You can read considerable detail about the company, its technology and its products at the Lifeloc website. Here is a product description from the website:

The Lifeloc FC is the newest, most advanced portable alcohol tester available. The FC provides alcohol testing performance and features unmatched by any tester at any price.

Easy to operate - Just attach a mouthpiece and blow. Menu driven interface steps operator through all operations and settings. Automatic breath sampling. Automatic alcohol calibration.

Advanced graphical display - Displays breath flow profile graph. Displays fuel cell alcohol response graph. Automatically senses low light conditions and backlights display for optimal viewing.

Durable, cost effective, and convenient - Built to withstand a three foot drop onto pavement. Up to 8,000 tests on a set of 4 AA batteries. Small enough to slip into a shirt pocket.

A brochure from Lifeloc provides some more detail:

It’s Fast - With automatic delivery of test results within 10 seconds, 30 seconds or less between tests, and full recall of the last test result, procedures are vastly simplified. Operator is able to focus on the challenges of testing impaired, unruly, or even multiple subjects.

It’s Accurate - Microprocessor monitoring of breath flow, patented digital design, alcohol-specific fuel cell sensor combine to assure accuracy. Tested and proven.

It’s Easy to Use - One-step operation makes testing simple, fast, and easy-to-learn. Unique, fail-safe software ensures a valid test result or provides clear instructions on how to proceed. Calibration procedures are electronically controlled and can be completed in two minutes or less.

It Communicates - The large, graphic, LCD display uses unique breath flow and alcohol level graphs, standard icons and a 64 character capability to clearly inform the operator of test results, device function, prompts and suggested next steps. Audible signals assist operator and subject.

It is not easy to find independent reviews of this product. The Gearlog gadget guide, testing seven breathalyzers, used the FC10 as the standard against which to measure them. It wrote:

The big Kahuna: the Lifeloc FC10 digital breathalyzer, which is used by law enforcement. If you've ever been pulled over for drunk driving, you're probably familiar with the FC10. It's very easy to use: you just turn it on, look for the "wait" to disappear from the LCD screen (which is only about 10 secs), and blow. It gives you a response in under 10 seconds, and in about 20 seconds, it's ready for use again. It can detect blood alcohol levels between 0.000 to 0.600 (which we hope no one ever has to see the latter number, because that's like death). It uses 4-AA batteries. We used the FC10 as the standard to go by.

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Also available is the Lifeloc FC10 Plus, which adds a passive mode testing capability.

See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Breathalyzer. Check out for its breathalyzer best seller list and for lots of customer reviews. And go to for the latest information on personal breathalyzers, along with promotions and special offers.

Updated December 3rd, 2009




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