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Keys Fitness Equipment

Keys fitness equipmentKeys Fitness. based in Dallas, is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of equipment for home and gym use. Its brands include Keys, Ironman Fitness, CardioMax, Power System, HealthTrainer and Karen Voight. You can see the company's full range at its corporate website.

Its products span a wide range. At the top end are some of the home gyms, such as the $2,999 KF-2060. This comes with numerous features, including two 200-pound graduated weight stacks, a horizontal pressing station, squat bar pads, a revolving lat bar, revolving straight bar, leg press, upholstered roller pads and dual transport wheels. Both frame and parts have a lifetime guarantee.

Other products include a range of benches, specialised equipment for upper and lower back workouts, elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes, cable columns, racks, weights, dumbbell sets and weight storage products.

It has not been easy to find online objective reviews of the company's products. However, a November 2004 press release from the company notes that the editors of "Consumer Guide" have recognized several Keys Fitness products for quality and value, as follows:

* Alliance A8T treadmill - recommended
* HealthTrainer 840EL elliptical trainer - best buy
* Ironman 320e elliptical trainer - budget buy
* Airbike upright - budget buy
* HealthTrainer 840R recumbent - best buy
* Ironman 220r recumbent - budget buy
* CardioMax 708S stepper - recommended
* Power System 2000/2050 gym - best buy
* Strength Trainer 1000 gym - recommended
* Power System KPS-OB - budget buy
* Power System KP-HC System - recommended

In March 2006 the company announced that its centerG elliptical trainer was one of five finalists - selected from 130 nominated products - in the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association Sports Product of the Year award.

According to the company:

Featuring a breakthrough patented center drive technology that balances the body and maximizes comfort; centerG was voted a finalist by sports fans, sporting goods retailers and dealers. The centerG redefined the elliptical equipment category with its state-of-the-art engineering and a “center drive” concept exclusive to Keys Fitness.

By placing the drive mechanism of the elliptical in the user's center-of-gravity, centerG ensures proper spine alignment, better balance and smoother body movements. The centerG also features intelligent electronics that act as a “built-in” personal trainer including 20 intensity levels, 14 workout options and five separate heart rate programs.

Keys fitness equipment is widely distributed, both in the US and globally, and by shopping around you should be able to find some good deals. In particular, check out for bargain prices and a selection of products, such as the Keys ST-IB International Weight Bench (picture).




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