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Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier

Holmes warm mist humidifierThe best starting point for learning about the Holmes warm mist humidifier range is at the company's own website. A search of will also give information about discount prices and special offers.

One of the most popular of its various models is the Holmes HM5305-UC Warm Mist Humidifier (picture), which retails for around $50.

According to a product description:

* Runs up to 36 hours per filling

* No filters to ever replace

* Water purification filter

* Manual humidistat

* Microban antimicrobial protection

At Amazon. com it had received, at the time of writing, 58 customer reviews, a relatively large number. However, they were decidedly mixed, with negative comments out-weighing some very positive reviews.

Here is a five-star review:

I bought this unit at the start of last winter and it is wonderful. I can't recommend the WARM MIST enough if you are buying it due to dryness from the furnace. I had a cold mist one prior and it made the room freezing cold which in turn made me turn up the heat, which made me need more humidity in the air.

As far as this unit, it is very quite and "percolates" with low, soft, crackles which are not bothersome at all. It hold a decent amount of water and I keep it on throughout the night. The design is good so that it takes up minimal floor space and I like the safety feature in which in turns off when it runs out of water. I LOVE not having to have any filters to deal with and it remains in good clean shape if I soak the bottom tray in vinegar to remove harm water stains.

One minor complaint is that it is recommended that the bottom tray only be placed in the top rack of dishwashers, but is constructed in such a shape that it always collects a large pond of water.

Overall I think it runs great and is probably equally as good as some other more expensive models. I would highly recommended.

And a one-star review:

I've had 3 to 5 Holmes humidifiers but this is the first one that didn't make it past one season of use. Like other people here, my tank warped from the heat and then the lid started leaking after only a few uses. At first if I tightened it more it would hold but the more it is used the worse the leaking becomes. Mine hasn't overflowed the base yet but probably will eventually.

I noticed this model is a bit noisier than others I've owned as well, but my family is able to sleep with it on so I wouldn't say that is a major complaint. But not being able to use it for more than one season is a definite showstopper hence the one star rating.

On the plus side I like not needing a filter and would like to see more models without one. I really don't see why one is needed for a warm mist humidifier. I think in the future Holmes probably ought to do a bit more testing before releasing a final product. This type of flaw should have shown up in testing in my opinion. I'll probably buy another Holmes model in the future but not this one.

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February 26th, 2010

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