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Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Personal Training Device

Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS personal training deviceThe Forerunner 205 and 305 models hit the market in early 2006, intended as the next generation to Garmin's hugely successful Forerunner 101, 201 and 301 GPS personal training devices. You can read more at the company's website, and at this press release.

The website includes a lengthy and detailed review:

Just when you thought Garmin had cornered the market on powerful, affordable, and effective wrist-mounted GPS devices, here comes the Forerunner 205. The release of this device is a major achievement from a design and technology perspective. This isn't just marketing-speak; the Forerunner 205 is the most accurate, most reliable wrist-mounted performance and GPS tracking tool we've ever tested. Yes, it's that good.

While no device this compact can do everything (yet), the 205 pushes the boundaries of what is possible from something strapped around your wrist. While the 205 doesn't offer heart rate monitoring, or connectivity with Garmin's wireless speed and cadence sensor -- for that, you'll need to step up to the Forerunner 305 -- it's a great way to get basic GPS location and performance data...

Radically new design is better in every way.
Amazing accuracy and fast satellite acquisition time.
So simple to set up and use, you will actually use it.

No Mac OS compatibility.
Okay, it's bigger than a sport's watch -- but so much more powerful.

The Mobile Analyst Watch blog also featured a lengthy review:

GPS Accuracy: The Garmin Forerunner 205's GPS receiver seemed much stronger. I can lock onto a signal inside my house next to a window, I haven't received one weak signal in a week over routes that caused my 201 trouble. And on my one run over a tree-covered, GPS signal-challenging course, the 205 came out a star, finally allowing me to measure a route that I was unable to with my 201. The GPS accuracy data field and the satellite acquisition screen are also cool bonuses.

Customization: The 205 allows you to customize 2 main screens and a third activity specific (i.e. run, bike or other) one with 1 to 4 data fields per screen. This is very cool, especially for data-driven geeks like myself. Another great thing about all the Forerunners is you can customize screens and settings on the fly without interrupting your current activity.

The GPS Lodge website wrote:

Overall, I like the Forerunner 205, and if you can afford it over the Forerunner 201, I’d recommend it. The interface is cleaner, the training features are stronger than the Forerunner 201, and with the power of the SiRF star III chipset onboard, the reliability of locking onto that signal in tough locations has gone way up. With the design and interface changes, the new Forerunner system is a pleasure to use. Now, if you are still interested in using a GPS as a training aid, but the Forerunner 205 is too expensive, the Forerunner 201 is not a bad device. You will sacrifice some satellite signal reliability vs. the 205 model, and the training features are not as complete, but still a decent device.

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June 9th, 2006



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