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Garmin Edge 305 GPS Personal Trainer and Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 305 GPS Personal Trainer and Bike ComputerThe Garmin Edge 305 is a personal training system for cyclists. A company press release describes it as:

...a compact, lightweight, waterproof unit that has the ability to accurately monitor pedaling cadence, heart rate, vertical profiles, climb and descent, altitude, speed, distance, and time. Because the Edge is GPS based, the information may be overlaid onto a cyclist’s course map, including hills and curves, so the cyclist can easily analyze every aspect of their workout.

It is sold as the 305HR (with a heart rate monitor), as the 305CAD (with a wireless speed/pedaling cadence sensor) or as the 305HR+Speed/Cadence Sensor (which has both).

According to the product page at the company's website:

The Edge 305 with heart rate lets you see whether you are training too hard or not enough. The heart rate monitor uses a robust ANT wireless technology that eliminates cross-talk and interference to reliably measure and send heart rate data to the Edge via a soft, comfortable chest strap. This data is stored with each track point for post-workout analysis.

The Edge 305 with cadence includes a self-calibrating, wireless speed/cadence sensor so you can monitor your pedaling cadence as you ride. Like the heart rate monitor, the speed/cadence sensor uses the same robust ANT wireless technology to reliably measure and report your pedaling strokes per minute to the Edge.

The PC Coach website did a "one-minute review" of the Edge 205 and 305 devices. It said:

Getting cycling speed and distance via GPS is easy. No entering your wheel size - just wait 20 seconds or so while it finds the satellites and off you go. When you are done, turn off the unit (it runs 10 hours on a single charge, and can be charged via the USB cable) and the workout is saved and ready to download to the PC.

At the computer, things happen pretty automatically and you get a graph of your workout, including speed, altitude, pace and grade, as well as heart rate and/or cadence (available with the Edge 305). You can go with the Edge 305 Bundle that includes both, the HR and Cadence sensors, or you can go with either the Edge 305HR or the Edge 305CAD to get just one. If you change your mind later, you can always add on the additional sensor.

Obviously there are less expensive ways to get speed and distance on a bike, but Garmin has packed a lot of features in a small and light package, and it all seems to work pretty trouble-free. The ability to see your route graphically after the fact is the main draw.

A reviewer at said:

Just got it Thursday. Bought the bundle. Everything works great, including Training Center software. Love the ability to decide WHAT will display on the three main display screens. LOTS of options for including what you want.

Took my first two rides to check it out, love the info on the screen and love MORE the way it is displayed and summarized in the Training Center. 98% great so far.

2% is that I can't display the Total Distance, and can't find a way to print the cool looking charts of the ride (with 3500 feet of elevation gain, showing heart rate and grade ... what a great way to brag!!!! ... if I could print it).

According to the Product Blog:

A technology and bicycling freak’s dream! Wait, that’s me! Whoo-hoo! Help, I can’t stop screaming!

Anyway, the Garmin Edge 305 is a GPS-enabled cycling computer with so many functions that you’ll spend too much time on your bike flipping through its many functions and not enough time looking at the road ahead. Want to know the course you’ve just ridden? Got it. Want to know your current elevation? Got it. Want to know how many calories you’ve burned? Got it. Want to keep track of your heart rate or cadence? Got those too (although as separate features).

Then when you’re all finished pretending that you just won the Tour de France, you can upload all this information into your computer and analyze your workouts through the Training Center software that is included.

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June 13th, 2006



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