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Freestyle Tracer Pedometer

Freestyle Tracer pedometerThe Freestyle Tracer pedometer is a popular product that, at the time of writing, was on the pedometer bestseller list.

According to a product description:

The Freestyle Tracer Pedometer is a digital pedometer that accurately counts steps, calories burned and is able to calculate distance in both miles and kilometers. The Tracer Pedometer features a 12 hour clock with a large, easy-to-read display and a durable belt clip.

I have not been able to find online any independent, objective reviews. However, at you can find 38 customer reviews, and they are a very mixed bag. Normally, reviews lean one way or another - either positive or negative - but for the Tracer the reviews are broken down as follows:

Five stars - 8 reviews
Four stars - 10 reviews
Three stars - 7 reviews
Two stars - 6 reviews
One star - 7 reviews

Here is a five-star review:

I love my new Freestyle Tracer Step Pedometer! I read about in Consumer Reports and knew it was the right one for me. I ordered it; it came very quickly, and programmed very easily. Some people hook it on their waistband or belt; I wear mine in my sock. I never realized how much walking I actually do doing the day. This pedometer checks my steps, miles, calories burned, etc. It is super! I highly recommend it.

And another:

The Freestyle Pacer Pro pedometer is great! It is small, lightweight and has a cover so that buttons are not accidentally pressed. The display is easy to read. It has several functions but I only use it for counting steps. I have tried others, but came back to this one.

And here is a one-star review:

I couldn't be much more disappointed with this item; the reset button is ultra-sensitive and zeroizes several times daily so that I never get a chance to see exactly how far I've walked.

And another:

I ordered this because it had an excellent rating. I must have gotten a lemon. It was very inaccurate. I am used to using a pedometer and was careful to fasten it properly to my belt but half the time it failed to register steps. After a few months of use the labels on the various buttons were rubbed off.....

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See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Pedometer. And check out the pedometer bestseller rankings at, updated hourly, to see what people are currently buying.

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December 10th, 2009




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