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Respironics ComfortLite 2 CPAP Mask

Respironics ComfortLite 2 CPAP maskThe ComfortLite 2 CPAP mask is part of the Comfort range from Respironics. According to the company:

The ComfortLite 2 is the uniquely designed mask for patients whose comfort dictates compliance. It offers three interchangeable cushion options and a unique headgear system that leaves no pressure points on the face.

A reviewer at CPAP Talk concluded:

Respironics has made a giant step forward in mask comfort and design.

I find the ComfortLite 2 to be light and extremely comfortable to wear. Side-sleeping is easy, and I don't wake up having to adjust the seal or headgear. Since I started wearing this mask, I have not used anything but the ComfortLite 2. It has become my favorite mask.

According to a user at the RemedyFind website (no longer online):

I have tried many different kinds of headgear and masks. The best so far is ComfortLite 2. I have accepted the fact that I must do this every night or risk damaging vital organs -like my brain. Please take this condition seriously. If you were tested and have it - use a CPAP every night. It's not pretty. I don't enjoy putting it on. It's about the quality of the rest of your life. This headgear is the least irritating I have found so far. It is light weight and no stray marks and my hair is in reasonably good shape in the morning.

At the CPAP Station sales site two users in late-2007 had awarded the ComfortLite 2 CPAP mask five stars (out of five), one had given it four stars while two had awarded it two stars, reflecting the personal nature of CPAP masks.

Here is a two-star review:

I thought this would be more comfortable but it does not fit well and requires constant adjustment during the night. I went back to my Puritan Bennet.

And here is a five-star review:

I have tried many other nasal masks, and this one is by far the most comfortable I have ever had. I am a stomach sleeper and this mask works the best. Love it!

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February 27th, 2007
Updated: November 9th, 2007



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