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Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Easy Fertility MonitorThis popular fertility monitor is one of a series of family planning devices from Clearblue.

These include:

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test
Clearblue Easy 'Easy Read' Ovulation Test
Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test
Clearblue Easy +/- Results Pregnancy Test

More detail is available at the company's own website, which also contains a selection of guides to conception, pregnancy testing and a healthy pregnancy.

According to the company:

Our Fertility Monitor reliably indicates the days of your cycle when you are most likely to conceive – the days closest to when the egg is released from your ovary (ovulation).

Most home ovulation and fertility tests identify the 2 best days to get pregnant during a woman's cycle by detecting the surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) that triggers ovulation. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor not only shows these 2 Peak Fertility days, but also identifies additional fertile days when you can conceive (view our Understanding Your Ovulation & Menstrual Cycle demo).

By detecting a rise in estrogen, The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor can inform most women of an extra 1 - 5 days of High Fertility prior to their Peak Fertility days. This means that you know all the days on which having intercourse is most likely to lead to conception.

The Fertility website reviewed the monitor and awarded it five stars (out of five), commenting:

An excellent and reliable ovulation monitor that is extremely easy to use. If you are lucky enough to get pregnant the first month, it is worth its weight in gold. If it takes many months to get pregnant, it will more than pay for itself and will be less costly in the long run than initially cheaper packages of test sticks. For those in the middle, the initial investment may be high, however, when compared with almost all other forms of fertility treatment it is a bargain!

...Which brings us to the only downside of this monitor, the cost. When it originally came on the market it was priced around $150.00 (US) and it included 30 test sticks.

It pays to shop around now because there are still some sites that sell these with the test sticks, while others have completely separated the sticks (which you must have) from the monitor itself. The average online price of the monitor now is closer to $180.00 (US). The test sticks sell in packages of 30 for approximately $50.00 (US).

All in all, the pros far outweigh the cons and this is a highly recommended monitor for those who wish to add a chemical ovulation monitor to their regimen.

Now that everyone is on the same page and knows which monitor we are talking about let me say that it is very difficult not to sing the praises of this monitor. It is easy to use, it is flexible, it is reliable and it is smart! Over time it learns your hormonal patterns which means that in the long term you may end up testing fewer times each month but knowing with greater accuracy when you are most fertile.

According to Britain's Female First website:

Clearblue’s new Fertility Monitor offers busy women of today a step change in planning conception. By more accurately identifying more fertile days within each menstrual cycle the Monitor offers you an easy and natural way to boost your chances of conceiving.

Utilising today’s advances in digital technology, the simple to use Clearblue Fertility Monitor helps dispel misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding ovulation and conception by providing you with useful knowledge of your unique cycle.

The Complete Fertility website wrote:

The ClearBlue set the bar high when it appeared some years back - and it still leads today among all hi-tech devices. The ClearBlue requires that you use urine samples; simply dip a test stick in urine and in minutes the monitor will digitally display your fertility status: low, high, or peak. What's nice about the ClearBlue Monitor is that it targets both LH and estrogen, providing enhances accuracy in determining when you are about to ovulate. ClearBlue is also backed by a reputable, world-class manufacturer with toll-free telephone support. Data can be uploaded into your personal computer for fertility charting. Requires special ClearBlue test sticks.

The website contains over 180 mainly-laudatory customer reviews, with an average of more than four stars (out of five) awarded to the product. These reviews - from actual consumers - are well worth reading if you are considering buying this monitor, as some of them contain extremely useful guidance.

For more information, read my report Buying the Best Pregnancy Test. And check out the Bestsellers in Pregnancy Tests list - which is updated hourly - to see what customers are currently buying. Also, see for the latest prices, usually heavily discounted.

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July 25th, 2006
Updated: November 9th, 2007


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