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BACtrack Select S70 Breathalyzer

BACtrack Select S70 breathalyzerThe Select S70 (along with the new S80 - both introduced in 2009), is one of the professional-level models in the BACtrack series of breathalyzers, from the leading manufacturer of these products, San Francisco company KHN Solutions. You can read more about the Select range of breathalyzers at the BACtrack website, and there is also an introduction to KHN.

According to a product description:

The new 2009 BACtrack Select S70 is one of the most affordable professional-grade breathalyzers available. It can be used in a wide variety of settings including law enforcement screening, hospital/clinical test applications, and for personal use. The S70 uses advanced semiconductor alcohol sensing technology to quickly take a breath sample and provide a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) estimate. The S70 provides test results on an attractive blue-green four digit LCD display.

The user-operation is entirely designed in the USA, making the S70 quite easy to use. Users can perform testing in under 30 seconds per test, and the intuitive on-screen menu options allow users to customize many options including audible warning beeps, units of measure, and blowing time. Additionally, the S70 clearly displays notices anytime there is an insufficient breath sample provided by the user. This is important to make sure that every test is accurate and reliable.

The industrial design and size of the BACtrack Select S70 are also key features. The upwards-tilting angle of the breath intake area makes it easier to test others and easier for self-use. The thickness, width, and height are all noticeably smaller than similar devices. This is ideal if a user intends to carry the S70 in his or her pocket or store in a vehicle. The S70 is not significantly bigger than many cell phones.

Because the S70 is FDA 510(k) cleared, it can be used for personal use. With DUI and alcohol-related news making headlines every day, there is truly no better time than now to purchase a personal breathalyzer. The S70 is affordable, user-friendly, packed with professional power, and now available for both personal and professional use.

The fast-expanding BACtrack range now includes the following breathalyzers, in ascending order of price (from $69.99 to $249.99):

* Select S30
* Select S50
* B70
* Select S70
* S75 Pro
* Select S80 Pro

Here is what the company says about them:

BACtrack’s patent-pending BluFire technology combines an advanced software algorithm with a patented air-intake design. This technology provides accurate and trusted results suitable for professional alcohol testing applications.

The Select Series uses ActiveSensor technology to quickly estimate blood alcohol content.

The BACtrack breathalyzer incorporates a number of features to maximize the accuracy of every test. Each test requires a deep lung air sample, helping to ensure that your breath sample reflects your true blood alcohol content. If an insufficient sample is blown, the Inverse LCD display clearly notifies the user to perform another test. These features make the BACtrack an excellent choice for professional groups needing to screen for the presence of alcohol.

Even the BACtrack's unique user operation helps to provide extremely consistent test results. By exhaling with the mouth open from one half inch away, users create a steady and repeatable air sample that can be quickly analyzed by the BACtrack's BluFire Sensor Technology.

Although the BACtrack packs this professional power, it was also designed for easy consumer use. It NEVER requires individual mouthpieces to be inserted, touched, or replaced. This keeps users from accidentally sharing saliva on the same mouthpiece. It is also a huge cost savings as there are never mouthpieces to purchase and replace.

And of course, the BACtrack has that instant 'wow' factor. The unique BluFire light tubes attract attention and makes everyone want to test their alcohol level.

The S70 is so new, as of this writing, that I have been unable to find any independent reviews of it in the media, although in 2013 I did a review of the BACtrack S70 breathalyzer at my new website. However, its sister product, the BACtrack B70, has been extensively featured, and you can find numerous links to reviews, articles and other reports at the website.

* Get the Latest Price on the BACtrack Select S70 Breathalyzer.

See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Breathalyzer. Check out for its breathalyzer best seller list and for lots of customer reviews. And go to for the latest information on personal breathalyzers, along with promotions and special offers.

Updated December 3rd, 2009




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