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BACtrack B70 Digital Breathalyzer

BACtrack B70 digital breathalyzerThe BACtrack B70 comes from KHN Solutions, one of the leaders in consumer breathalyzer developments.

According to the BACtrack website:

PROFESSIONAL ACCURACY - The BACtrack breathalyzer incorporates a number of features to maximize the accuracy of every test. Each test requires a deep lung air sample, helping to ensure that your breath sample reflects your true blood alcohol content. If an insufficient sample is blown, the Inverse LCD display clearly notifies the user to perform another test. These features make the BACtrack an excellent choice for professional groups needing to screen for the presence of alcohol.

Even the BACtrack's unique user operation helps to provide extremely consistent test results. By exhaling with the mouth open from one half inch away, users create a steady and repeatable air sample that can be quickly analyzed by the BACtrack's BluFire® Sensor Technology.

EASY TO USE - Although the BACtrack packs this professional power, it was also designed to for easy consumer use. It NEVER requires individual mouthpieces to be inserted, touched, or replaced. This keeps users from accidentally sharing saliva on the same mouthpiece. It is also a huge cost savings as there are never mouthpieces to purchase and replace.

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - And of course, the BACtrack has that instant 'wow' factor. The unique BluFire® light tubes attract attention and make everyone want to test their alcohol level.

A 2013 review of the BACtrack B70 breathalyzer is at my new website.

The BACtrack website features a large page with numerous examples of media coverage of the B70, including on the MythBusters television show. called the B70 one of "Seven New Technology Marvels", and said:

This sleek black breathalyzer can determine the user’s alcohol levels without the aid of a mouthpiece and can fit in a pocket or small purse. A quick blow on the sensor activates the breathalyzer, which measures blood alcohol content in seconds. Now there’s no excuse for letting friends drive drunk. The breathalyzers are very popular around major holidays (Christmas, Fourth of July) where rates of drunk driving increase.

The Abilene Reporter-News wrote:

Why let an officer of the law tell you you're drunk, wasting valuable tax dollars, when you and your hedonistic pals can figure it out yourselves?

The size of a cell phone, the pocket wonder is easy to use and sanitary to boot. There's no mouthpiece required, thank goodness.

It's powered by KHN Solutions' BluFire alcohol sensing technology, which the company says provides ''unrivaled accuracy.''

Patent-pending light tubes provide an easy target for users to blow into, while an indicator light flashes to signal when to start and stop blowing - great considering you'll be reduced to only the use of your reptilian brain-parts.

In all seriousness, driving drunk isn't funny, and this is something that could actually be used to give a person an accurate, visual deterrent to driving.

Is Bob insisting he's not hammered again? Prove it to him, and then, when he can't argue, get him a safe ride home.

I suppose you also could use the thing to make certain that you're not more intoxicated than you think you are, assuming you can drink and remain that responsible.

The BACtrack is a bit expensive at $79.99, but it's potentially quite useful within its admittedly limited context. And I wouldn't be surprised if law enforcement didn't express some interest.

And again: If you do drink on New Year's Eve, call a cab or a sober friend, even if there's no BACtrack in sight.

Chances are you don't really need one to know when you've had more than enough.

Tahoe World said (no longer online):

As sleek as a cell phone, the BACTrack gives an accurate blood alcohol concentration in seconds. (There are several other personal breathalyzers on the market.)

"We sell this to every different type of consumer -- parents who are testing their kids, people who have had one or more DUIS, who don't want another one and want to know their exact level at all time," says Keith Nothacker, president of KHN Solutions.

...Hold the BACtrack a half inch from your mouth and breathe into the tube on the end. An indicator light flashes to signal when to start and stop blowing. BAC appears on the screen in seconds.

It has a range of .00 -.40 percent. (The legal limit is .08).

It's the size of a cell phone (4 inches long and less than a half-inch thick.) No mouthpiece is required, so you don't feel germy sharing it with friends. You can blow into either side and it can be used over and over again.


If the police stop you, they might not be interested in hearing about your self-administered breathalyzer test. Needs 2 AA batteries. It has to be recalibrated each year. Not sold in stores.


"You can feel a certain way, but until you see the exact level on a screen, you really don't now how intoxicated you are," says Nothacker. "Once police test you roadside, it's really too late.

"We found that once people bring it out, it's just a very social item," he says. "People want to share it and encourage others to test their alcohol level."

The Vail Daily News wrote:

Our tipsy subjects took turns blowing, and as it turned out, the BACtrack results were nearly identical to the readings from the police breathalyzer. Just how drunk were our subjects?

The 165-pound guy who ended up drinking four and a half beers plus a shot, blew a 0.12-percent blood alcohol level on both machines.

The 115-pound woman who downed just over three beers blew a 0.09 on the BACtrack and an almost identical 0.091 on the police breathalyzer.

The only subject with mismatched results was the 170-pound guy who drank 4 1/2 beers, but he confessed to smoking a cigarette within 20 minutes of the test. He blew a 0.082 on the cop’s breathalyzer and a 0.10 on the BACtrack.

In conclusion, the BACtrack proved darn accurate in our unscientific test. Plus, it was highly amusing.

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Updated: December 3rd, 2009




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