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AlcoHawk Slim Breathalyzer

AlcoHawk Slim breathalyzerThe AlcoHawk Slim is a mid-level personal breathalyzer from Q3 Innovations.

According to the company's own website:

Operating on a single button, simply blow into the folding mouthpiece for an accurate BAC reading in seconds. The AlcoHawk Slim also includes removable mouthpiece covers that allow you to test multiple individuals in a sanitary fashion. The sleek design also makes the AlcoHawk Slim very compact and easy to carry for personal use. It is the ideal solution for someone looking for a portable tester with professional quality with a consumer design and feel. Meets DOT/NHTSA Model Specifications for Breath Alcohol Screeners. Has obtained FDA 510K Premarket Clearance.

Sample Concentration Sensor: The AlcoHawk Slim contains a software upgrade to allow the unit to track if an even alcohol concentration is detected in the sample. This cutting-edge technology provides another method of ensuring breath sample integrity.

Folding Mouthpiece Design: The AlcoHawk Slim features a folding mouthpiece design that allows the unit to be easily carried in a pocket or a purse while maintaining the benefits and accuracy of a mouthpiece air capture system. The Slim also comes with replaceable mouthpiece covers to enable sanitary testing on multiple individuals.

Sensor Recognition Technology: All AlcoHawk SC Series units now include Sensor Recognition Technology to monitor for certain types of abnormal sensor conditions.

A comprehensive review in The Gadgeteer noted that, "Getting a reading from the AlcoHawk is relatively simple," and concluded:

I guess in an ideal world, it wouldn't take an $80 device to remind people that they have no business driving after they've been drinking. But if an $80 device is able to accomplish what thousands of dollars in fines, mandatory community service and social stigma can't, then I would consider it money well spent.

The PC Apex website wrote (no longer online):

Why should somebody get one of these devices? How many of you like to stop by a bar after work to shoot a game of pool? How many of you go to a sporting event or concert and knock back a couple? Instead of assuming that you are fit to drive you can use something like the AlcoHawk Slim to tell you for sure whether or not you are willing to bet your car against that old 10 speed you have in the shed.

...I've spent some time in the military and have had soldiers of mine who received a DWI. Not only did they lose rank, they lost money and respect. Even worse, after all was said and done they still had to endure a one hour ass-chewing from yours truly that involved them spending a lot of time in the front lean and rest position. Each and every time I asked them, "What the HELL were you Thinking!?" The response was always the same, "I didn't know I was that drunk, Sergeant!" With an AlcoHawk device, they would have known.

Tweak News wrote:

Overall, I'm favorably impressed with the AlcoHawk Slim. Not only did it run neck-and-neck with the current police tester, it proved to me that, even though I didn't feel “drunk”, I was obviously over the limits allowed by law, and at a potential risk for an accident. This in itself is worth its weight in gold, and makes the AlcoHawk Slim worth the relatively low asking price.

Campus Circle said:

The AlcoHawk Slim offers a stylish way to make sure everyone stays safe. As awkward as it may seem to pull out a breathalyzer in the middle of a party, the Slim has the added bonus of looking like a cell phone or an MP3 player.

In fact, until you unfold the tube from the Slim, nobody will know what it is, allowing you to tactfully test yourself or an inebriated friend without alerting the whole room.

Putting the AlcoHawk out in the middle of a party isn't necessarily a mood killer either. There is a strange thing about breathalyzers when they aren't held by cops that seems to draw people in.

Washington Square News featured the Slim (no longer online) as one of "Six Quirky but Useful Internet Buys." It was also featured in Fade In magazine and Sporting News.

In April 2006 Now Playing magazine wrote (no longer online):

It is simple to use. The user simply presses the button on the front of the unit, waits until the LED readout counts down to zero and beeps, then blows into the fold-out mouthpiece for about five seconds. The unit beeps when it has determined the BAC and displays it in the readout.

...The AlcoHAWK Slim has a physical appearance that could be mistaken for a cell phone from a distance — which can be helpful for discreet use. The unit is powered by two AA batteries and comes with a soft carrying pouch that will hold the device and the instruction booklet.

With the ratchet being tightened with regard to DUI enforcement, this may be the one car “accessory” that is actually worth its price.

The Gearlog website reviewed AlcoHawk's Slim and ABI units together:

I liked the AlcoHawk Slim because it fits right in your pocket or purse. I felt that it was pretty accurate, but it takes a while to warm up. The AlcoHawk ABI is a bit bigger than the Slim. It's actually the company's best selling unit. The ABI takes less time to warm up than the Slim does, which is handy for impatient drunkards.

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Updated: December 3rd, 2009

September 2013 Update - See a review of the AlcoHawk Slim Breathalyzer and a review of the new AlcoHawk Ultra Slim Breathalyzer at my new Personal Health Monitor blog.




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