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AlcoHawk Elite Breathalyzer

AlcoHawk Elite breathalyzerThe Elite is one of the most advanced of AlcoHawk's series of handheld breath alcohol detectors. According to the company's website:

With a simple one-button function, the AlcoHawk Elite generates accurate results quickly and is an ideal solution for portable testing with professional quality. The AlcoHawk Elite offers the same enhanced DOT-cleared accuracy and FDA-cleared safety features contained in the AlcoHawk Precision.

It also features a new temperature sensor to ensure testing is performed in the optimal temperature range (50 - 104 f), and utilizes a new blue lit LCD display making it the highest quality AlcoHawk Series product released to date....The new 2007 AlcoHawk Elite has been upgraded over the older models with Sensor Recognition Software to warn the user if certain type of damages occur to the sensor.

Canada's CanWest News Service commented:

Carrying around a breathalyzer is like talking too much about your ex on a first date - ill-advised and likely a deal breaker.

But, while it's easy to joke about people who own a product such as Q3 Innovation's Alcohawk Elite, isn't it better to admit needing a second opinion rather than lurching behind the wheel on intuition alone?

A professional-grade alcohol screener that uses a semiconductor oxide sensor, this device detects alcohol content quickly and accurately.

One-touch operation provides answers in seconds.

And, while aesthetics are meaningless on this type of product, it does feature a sleek design. More important, it meets the accuracy requirements of the United States Department of Transportation.

Philadelphia Weekly said (no longer online):

This handy little contraption will be your best friend on those cold winter nights when you're not sure if you've had one too many hot toddies. Just blow into the plastic tube and it'll tell you what your blood alcohol level is - before the cops do.

Wired magazine awarded it eight points (out of 10) and wrote:

This handheld drinking game measures who's king of the lushes -- first person to 0.08 wins! Wait ... it's a Breathalyzer? Oh, I see. To test it, I threw back a shot of vodka, blew into the plastic tube, and measured 0.40 -- a level the instruction manual associated with "coma and possible death." As the Alcohawk chirped away its warning of my impending demise, the instructions revealed that the blood-alcohol content reading works accurately only after a 20-minute lull in drinking, eating, or smoking. So I took three (or four ... can't remember) more shots and waited. After 30 minutes, I blew. My score was a 0.07, a level associated with "impairment of balance, speech, vision, and reaction time." Great, now I've got an excuse for being so sloppy. But there's no law against writing drunk, so here I am cranking out a review. What was I saying? Wheee!

In April 2006 Esquire magazine included the Elite in a list of "The Ten Things That You Need In Your Car." It wrote:

Personal Breathalyzer: Blow into your own before your friendly local law-enforcement officer pulls you over and offers you his. May we suggest: AlcoHawk Elite digital breath-alcohol detector.

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Updated: December 3rd, 2009




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