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AlcAlert BT5500 Personal Alcohol Detector

AlcAlert personal alcohol detectorThe AlcAlert breathalyzer is a product of Advanced Safety Devices, and is available through their website. According to the company:

AlcAlert BT5500 portable breathalyzer is a reliable personal safety device that measures breath alcohol concentration (%BAC).

Simply blow into the unit and within seconds it displays a precisemeasurement of your blood alcohol concentration in .01% resolution. Don't guess, verify if yourself or others are in safe mental condition to drive or operate machinery.

AlcAlert digital breathalyzer is ideal for group testing without the use of disposable mouthpieces. A considerable saving!

Important: The AlcAlert model BT5500 breathalyzer is made in Japan, but there are Chinese and Korean made look-a-likes sold under the name SafeMate and etc. Don't be fooled by these lesser imitation model breathalyzers.

Writer, sommelier and beer judge Craig Pinhey wrote of the AlcAlert at his Frog’s Pad website (no longer online):

Is it accurate? Well, it claims to be as good as the ones police use for mobile spot testing, but I suspect they might refute that. My friend researched them and found this one to be the best in its price category. I have tested it many times on myself and my friends, in various states of intoxication, and it correlates well with the spreadsheet system I developed, which is based on body weight, sex, drink volume, alcohol level, and time.

For example, my wife and I used it at a recent dinner. We each had the same amount of wine over two hours. Based on her weight and sex, she should have had roughly half my BAL. I blew 0.03 and she was 0.05. In that case it worked well. I felt fine to drive, but she said she wouldn't even consider it.

…I love my pocket breathalyzer - it is a useful tool for a booze writer and instructor and drinker - and I expect we'll see them sold widely in Canada before too long. My concern, though, is that drinking drivers can use it to push themselves to the 0.08 line, rather than to get familiar with their personal "safe" level of impairment.

The website has some consumer reviews of the AlcAlert. Here’s one:

I have had this little device for a couple of years. I have found that it is somewhat tempermental but it does give reliable readings. For instance, smoke causes the device to read, "SAT" which stands for saturated. Also, if you have had any alcohol within the last 30 minutes, it reads "SAT." I have found that if i stop drinking 30 minutes or more before using it and i go away from smoke (usually outside), the device is pretty accurate.

See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Breathalyzer. Check out for its breathalyzer best seller list and for lots of customer reviews. And go to for the latest information on personal breathalyzers, along with promotions and special offers.

Updated: November 16th, 2009




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