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ADEO Fitness Trainer

ADEO Fitness TrainerThe ADEO Fitness Trainer is a personal fitness training companion that connects to a global positioning system to track and record workouts. It works with any MP3 player, or alone with a pair of headphones.

It is manufactured by Motion Lingo, who say about the product:

- Connects to GPS satellites to track & record your workouts, no calibration required

- Audibly reports your distance, pace, speed, elapsed time, time of day, elevation and calories burned

- Multi-sport functionality: running, walking, biking, blading, skiing

- MAC or PC compatible

- Lets you chart and evaluate your workouts

- Works with any MP3 player, iPodĀ®, or alone

- Software allows comparison/sharing of current/past/planned workouts and maps to Google Earth.

The device received a rave review (under the headline "Motion Lingo's Adeo runs circles around the competition") from the jkOnTheRun runners' blog:

Seems like there's a recent ruckus centering around the new Nike + iPod Sport Kit; apparently, everyone wants in on the Apple branding, so I expect we'll see more iPod "add-ons" in the future. Don't get blinded by the brand, however; there are plenty of alternatives to these value-adds. Take the Adeo device from Motion Lingo, for example. I was lucky enough to get a review unit from the fine folks at Motion Lingo and I wouldn't trade this for 3 Nike + iPod Sport Kits! (Besides what would I do with three of 'em anyway?)

Follow along as I take you through Adeo, which I think is a much better choice than the recent Apple & Nike offering for most people...

The Final Sprint website gave the product a lengthy review (no longer online), stating:

Pros: Hands-free GPS updates; Works with all mp3 players; Lightweight; Considerably more affordable than other GPS units, Easy to configure workouts and view data; Rapidly-evolving online training log; Affordable cost compared to other fitness GPS units; Multisport support; Excellent, frequently updated software package

Cons: Often takes several minutes to connect with satellites; Unstable, GPS connection could be improved; Small, unresponsive buttons

Overall: The Adeo is a very innovative and exciting concept; one that true audiophiles will want to immediately add to their running rig. However, others may want to wait for the next generation of Adeos (to be released later this spring) because like most first generation products, there are a few issues (i.e. - GPS performance) that could use an upgrade.

CNET concluded:

The good: The Motion Lingo Adeo Fitness Companion uses GPS data to keep track of your running, biking, or hiking session and give audio updates. It plugs into any portable music player so that you can get updates and listen to music at the same time, but it also works alone. The customizable routines deliver messages at set time or distance intervals or when you accomplish a goal.

The bad: The included MotionTrak software interface is confusing, and player controls make using the Motion Lingo Adeo Fitness Companion more difficult than it should be. Plus, there's no screen on the device, and locking on to GPS satellites can take several minutes.

The bottom line: The Motion Lingo Adeo Fitness Companion is a big help for outdoor exercise enthusiasts; it's like having a private coach with you as you run, bike, or hike.

Playlist magazine rated it three stars (out of five):

Pros: Inexpensive relative to most GPS systems; easy to configure and to track data with desktop and Web software; sleek and lightweight.

Cons: Works poorly in neighborhoods with lots of trees and tall buildings; clumsy hardware interface; bulky belt required for use with MP3 player.

The Gadgeteer commented:

Easy to set up
Provides inspiring feedback while alone & outside
Desktop & Online progress tools

Bulky waist belt

Smart Computing wrote:

lf your iPod is already your favorite workout companion, you'll love the features the Adeo adds to it. Thanks to the device's built-in GPS technology it can provide audible updates about the distance you've run and your average speed. It can even estimate the number of calories you've burned. Once you get home, you can transfer the stats to your PC or Mac. I found that the programmed female voice was crisp and clear even as the music continued to play.

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October 18th, 2006
Updated: February 15th, 2007



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