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August 2006


Pedometers for Overweight Dogs

Why are researchers at the Atlantic Veterinary College fitting overweight dogs with pedometers? Read this CBC News online report to find out.
August 26th, 2006






Pedometer "Fails to Count Steps"

The headline on this News report says it all:

Review: Oregon Scientific Digital Pedometer PE826 fails to actually count steps
August 26th, 2006


New from Garmin - the Foot Pod
Garmin International has announced the Foot Pod, an accessory to the Forerunner 305 GPS personal training device. It is for indoor use, when GPS systems do not work.

According to the company:

The shoe-mounted device wirelessly communicates with the wrist-worn Forerunner 305 to provide accurate distance and speed while training on treadmills or indoor tracks.

...Once the accessory is turned on, the Forerunner 305 recognizes its wireless signal and asks if the user wishes to train using the Foot Pod instead of with the Forerunnerís built-in GPS. Once confirmed, the Forerunner 305 deactivates the GPS and the Foot Pod begins measuring the workout. The Foot Pod communicates to the wrist unit using Dynastreamís ANT +Sport wireless technology, a commonly available platform for connectivity and interoperability between sports accessories and equipment

The Foot Pod uses a pair of accelerometers to measure each stride to provide a runnerís speed and distance information. The unit features a simple and secure lace-mounted attachment, and runs on a single AAA battery (70 hours typical use). The Foot Pod is 97% accurate out of the box and 99% when calibrated, and it can be worn in tandem with the Forerunner 305ís wireless heart rate monitor.

Sales are scheduled for October, at a recommended retail price of $99.99.
August 11th, 2006

Breathalyzer Watch

First it was the cell phone equipped with a breathalyzer. Now comes a watch with a breathalyzer attachment, from A&A Product Company in Hong Kong. Gizmodo writes:

When you are plastered into an oblivion time doesn't really matter, does it? So put your wristwatch to another use by determining precisely how sloshed you are....It will be available later this month for around $100.
August 10th, 2006



Is Your Pedometer Accurate?
The State
newspaper in South Carolina investigates:

Inaccuracies often result because meters are too sensitive, so they record activities such as fidgeting, twisting or bending. Where you wear a pedometer ó at your waist in line with the front or back of your thigh or at the side of your body ó also could affect the pedometer reading.

One study from University of Tennessee found that placement caused significant underestimates only at lower speeds, although wearing the pedometer at the front of the waist in line with the thigh resulted in the least error.

Some pedometers give inaccurate readings because they can be reset unintentionally if no cover protects the zero button.

Cheap pedometers also shouldnít be relied on to measure variables such as distance or energy expenditure.

August 9th, 2006


Thermofocus No-Contact Thermometer
I've written before about the Thermofocus no-contact thermometer, developed by an Italian company. American Scientific Resources has announced in a press release that the thermometer is now available in the US via its Kidz-Med website.

According to the company:

The Thermofocus will be the newest product in the Kidz-Med line of children's health and safety devices. The thermometer has patented infrared technology that allows a temperature to be taken without touching or waking a patient or sleeping baby. The device is totally non-invasive and takes a temporal artery temperature at the forehead, which is a preferred site because of its source of blood flow directly from the head. The Thermofocus is accurate, immediate, and hygienic because it never touches the body.
August 4th, 2006



Garmin in the News
Garmin, which makes the Edge and Forerunner personal training devices, is in the news a heck of a lot lately. AP reports that:

...the number of GPS devices sold worldwide -- including personal navigation units and applications built into cell phones and handheld computers -- will grow from 18 million last year to 88 million in 2010. Garmin owns the U.S. title for personal navigation devices not built into dashboards, with more than 50 percent of the market.

The Wichita Eagle says the company will shortly open its first retail store.

And Motley Fool says:

In every quarter for the past year, Garmin (Nasdaq: GRMN) has not just beaten, but creamed, the best estimates Wall Street analysts could throw at it. Tomorrow, the GPS-meister gets a chance to work its satellite-facilitated magic once again, as it comes time to report Q2 2006 earnings.
August 2nd, 2006



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