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Personal Emergency Response System

personal emergency response systemIf you are seeking to buy a personal emergency response system one of the best places to start is the Medical Alert Systems bestselling list at, where you can find quite detailed information on around a dozen of the most popular emergency medical alert system products, along with customer reviews and special offers.

At the time of writing the top seller on the list was a medical alert phone, the Telemergency Pro-Elite 700C with Wireless Help Pendant. According to a product description:

The Telemergency Pro-Elite 700C with Wireless Help Pendant can save your life with a press of a button. An affordable emergency alert device that connects to your telephone and dials "911" and up to five telephone numbers of your choice with a single click. The Call-4-Help 700C wirelessly activates your phone and sends a pre-recorded emergency message to your friends and family when you're in trouble.

This elderly medical alert device had attracted 25 customer reviews at, some extremely favorable, others less so. Here is part of a laudatory review:

I have purchased 4 of these over the last 5 years or so, and they are just what every senior who lives alone or disabled person should have. They are a bit challanging to get set up and recorded (recommend some help on that if you are technologically challenged and have trouble remembering which remote works what tv, etc) but once set up it is a life saver for sure. My Dad used it and fell down outside in the cold putting bird seed in the feeders and he pressed the buttom which he wore around his neck, as you should, and it sent the machine dialing out and I got to him within minutes. He could have frozen... and another time he couldn't get up out of the tub and reached it and got me again. IT DOES NOT NEED a constant monitoring by some company bleeding your wallet dry month after month.

And an excerpt from a one-star review:

The communication with your loved one is the main selling point of this unit. Too bad it doesn't allow for communication in any kind of modern way. It was designed in the late 1990's and still can't offer a simple way to speak to a person who might be injured to find out what is the matter.

Number Two on the bestseller list, at the time of writing, was another medical alert for seniors, the 911 Emergency Phone Guardian Alert. According to a product description:

Seconds count in an emergency! Save precious time with the Guardian Alert 911. The 1st and smallest cordless phone. Simply press the button and be connected with a 911 operator. You will never have to worry about a call center or monitor service sending the wrong emergency vehicle to your rescue. With the Guardian Alert 911 you can talk to the 911 operator and tell them your exact emergency along with your location in the house.

This had attracted 10 generally favorable customer reviews. Here is an excerpt from one:

This is great for my mom who is 80 years old and has balance issues. Very easy to use and understand for the technically challenged.

And another:

Easy to operate but poor sound. I guess the sound quality doesn't really matter seeing how any conversations will be short and to the point. Worked well when we tested it.

Number Three on the list was the 911 Guardian Phone (picture). It had two customer reviews, both awrding it five stars. Here is one:

The product was exactly as promised.. all parts present.. very easy hookup and use. Will give us kids (and mom) major peace of mind knowing help is the push of a button away. Reasonably priced and no monthly fees. Great product!

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January 25th, 2010


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