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Medical Identification Bracelets

medical identification braceletsA huge range of medical identification bracelet products are on the market. If you are looking to buy a medical bracelet, one of the best starting points is the Medical Bracelets bestselling list at Here you can learn which are the popular medical alert bracelets that people are buying, and you can also read occasional customer reviews, check the latest discount prices and find out about new products.

Prices for medical identification bracelets vary from a few dollars to well over a thousand dollars. If you want a gold medical bracelet you can buy the 14k White Gold Medical Jewelry Bracelet for more than $1,700. The same company makes a large range of other designer gold medical bracelets.

One of the medical alert bracelet top sellers is the very stylish Men's Titanium Medical Identification Bracelet (picture). This has even attracted one five-star customer review:

I ordered directly from Elite on Monday and received it today Wednesday. I had it engraved ad am VERY happy with their service and professionalism etc. FAST and Great customer service and ordering and Engraving !! Thanks !!

Unfortunately, not many medical braclets get customer reviews. Here is a five-star review for medical alert bracelets for kids, the 5"+1" Extension Children's Medical Alert Identification Bracelet:

I have tiny wrists so this children's bracelet is just the right size. Very pretty - doesn't look so much like a medical alert bracelet as it does a nice silver piece of jewelry.

Among diabetes bracelets, the Apothecary Diabetic Bracelet is popular. Here is one customer review:

Given the price, I thought this might look cheap and chintzy, but it looks like the standard model I've seen before -- nice tough steel, doesn't draw too much attention to itself, and a good adjustable size. If you need one, this is a great bargain of a price for it.

At the most popular among allergy bracelets, at the time of writing, was an allergy alert bracelet for kids, the STAT KIDS Health ID Wristband, which had received 13 customer reviews, with 10 of these five-star reviews and the remaining four-star reviews. Here is one:

This is an amazing idea! My 4 year old never takes it off. He hardly knows its on and I don't have to worry about making sure others know he has a peanut allergy - it is right there on his wrist - highlighted with red! A must have for parents with young children with peanut allergies. He takes a bath with it on - even swims with it! A brilliant idea!

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February 2010


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