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Medical Alert Watch

medical alert watchMedical alert watches can be of great assistance as a medication reminder and also as an electronic medical alert device. If you are looking to buy one, an excellent starting point is the Medical Alert Watch bestseller list at Here you can learn which are the popular items that other customers are buying, as well as finding some customer reviews, information on discount prices and details of new products.

At the time of writing the list was dominated by several different medical alert watches from CADEX. You can read more about this company and its watches at its own website.

Here is an excerpt from a product description of one of the watches:

- 12 ALARM Daily Medication Reminder. 60 Second Alarm + Optional Text Message (up to 36 characters). No alarm reset required.

- LONG ALARM DURATION up to 4 hours.

- MEDICAL SNOOZE. Reminder beep every three (3) minutes until all medications have been taken.

- ALERT ID. May speak for you in an emergency when you are unable to speak for yourself.

- Easy-to-Set and Easy-to-Use e-pill CADEX PEDIATRIC Alarm Watch for Children (Girls and Boys) and Young Adults. 12 Daily Reminders - they auto repeat every day.

- This e-pill CADEX watch also stores Medical Information.

At the CADEX website you can find an article from Good Housekeeping, which said:

Manage Medications: The e-pill Cadex 12 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch and Medical ID ($80) was easy to program, an its alarm reminds users to take medications up to 12 times a day. The face even notes the name of each pill to take. The watch stores medical information like allergies, blood type, and phone numbers for health insurance and doctors.

The watch has received generally favorable customer reviews at Here is an excerpt from one:

The watch itself is excellent. Easy to use but definitely adult size face. I recommend the necklace option instead of watchband for your little one. We are using it for a type 1 diabetic who is 5 for school to remind him of when to test his blood sugar. Great idea...really wish there was a pediatric size.

And another:

We have a relative with early Alzheimers, an elderly person. This watch allows him to have a bit more independence but serves as a reminder of medication and when it is time to take which meds. This holds reminders for up to 12 meds! It is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Granted, it isn't the most stylish watch in the world but it does the job!

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February 2010


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