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Medical Alert Tags

medical alert tagsIf you are seeking to buy a medical alert tag one of the best places to start is the Medical Alert Tags bestselling list at Here you can find a wide variety of products that range in price from just a few dollars to more than $25.

At the time of writing the bestselling item was the Medical Alert ID Adult Dog Tag Necklace with Condition Decals (picture), which was selling for $14.97. According to a product description:

Adult Dog Tag Necklace. Included is (adjustable) 28" Chain.(chain is not sterling or stainless) Stainless steel tag with black rubber on the outside for noise reduction. Medical symbol on the front side. 15 Coated Condition stickers (use the sticker(s) for your condition) included to adhere to the back side of tag. This tag works great for someone with multiple conditions. Includes the following stickers: Diabetes,Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Blood Thinner, Heart Patient, Bleeding disorder, Seizure Disorder,Memory Loss,Pacemaker,Organ Donor,Asthma,Penicillin Allergy,Gastric Bypass no bling ng tube,No BP/IV/IM right arm..and left arm.

The second most popular item, at the time of writing, was the Medical Alert Stainless ID TAG for Bracelet ~COUMADIN. According to a brief product description:

Stainless Medical ID tag. This can be worn with the medical Alert Bracelets (sold Separately) Pre-engraved Coumadin Id tag. Medical Alert symbol is on front, Coumadin is engraved on the back. The tag is 1 ½ inches long and ½ inch high with the international medical symbol on front side. Engraving is on Back side. invites customers to write reviews of all its products, and thee can often provide quite valuable guidance for potential purchasers. Unfortunately, there are very few customer reviews for the medical alert tag range.

Here is a four-star review for the Medical Alert Emergency ID Necklace - "Bee Sting Allergy" By Apex Healthcare Products:

For the price this was a real deal. The only comment I would make is that the engraving on the back is so light that you have to look carefully at it to know there is anything engraved. I would have preferred to pay a couple more dollars and been able to read it. I am considering taking it to someone to re-engrave it so it can be read

And here is a five-star review for the Children's Fashion Alert Dog Tag - Green "Diabetes":

This dog tag was purchased for a 19 year old diabetic, her bracelets keep getting broken and lost because she's very active... this dog tag is perfect for her. She can make sure that she has the ID and not worry about breaking it and losing it... or having it get in the way at work, since it tucks right under her shirt and lays flat... and the price is great so I purchased 2, so we have an extra for just in case.

* Get More Information and the Latest Prices on Medical Alert Tags.

January 25th, 2010


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