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Medical Alert Systems

medical alert systemsThere are numerous medical alert systems for the disabled and elderly. However, many people prefer to buy a device that they can use as their own personal emergency response system. It is not easy to find a lot of objective information about all these various home medical alerts. But here are some of the products that are sold by

Check out the list of personal emergency response system best-sellers at, and you encounter an eclectic selection of elderly alert systems. At the time of writing the top ranked elderly alert system product was The Emergency Caller - Personal Emergency Response System. According to a product description:

Sends a personalized pre-recorded emergency voice message (up to 20 seconds in length) three times to four different numbers. Automatic two-way speakerphone activates immediately after the pre-recorded message is delivered. Phone Numbers and EEPROM Memory. You can pre-program up to four contact numbers. The Emergency Caller will automatically skip to the next number when a busy signal is detected or when a telephone is not answered. The Emergency Caller will then keep calling until a message is delivered or The Emergency Caller is deactivated.

Also on the best-seller list, among other personal medical alerts, was the Personal Emergency Response System P.E.R.S. 3600B. A product description says:

This is a fully monitored Personal Emergency Reporting System. Simply plug the unit into power and your phone line and call or mail us back the enclosed information request form and the system is ready to go. We monitor the system 24 hours a day 365 days a year for $34.99 per month you are connected to a live operator, police, fire, medical and your loved ones. No additional programming required.

Another senior medical alert system product is the 911 Emergency Phone Guardian Alert (picture), which, at the time of writing, was Number One on's medical alert device best-selling list. Its product description says:

Seconds count in an emergency! Save precious time with the Guardian Alert 911. The 1st and smallest cordless phone. Simply press the button and be connected with a 911 operator. You will never have to worry about a call center or monitor service sending the wrong emergency vehicle to your rescue. With the Guardian Alert 911 you can talk to the 911 operator and tell them your exact emergency along with your location in the house.

This product has also attracted 10 generally favorable customer reviews at

Also on the list of best-selling medical alert devices was the Duro-Med Telemergency Alert Device. A product description proclaims:

Telemergency Alert Device companion can save lives. Automatically contacts 911 (optional) and up to five additional phone numbers of your choice for emergencies. Includes easy to use wireless pendant. One press of the button (on the remote pendant or unit) alerts where you are and the type of emergency. Works up to 30 hours during a power outage with a 9-volt battery backup (not included). Customer service support through toll free number, devise will alert acknowledgement tones. Visually impaired features include: large concaved buttons and different sized button on pendant.

In's Tools and Home Improvement category you can find the Medical Alarm System - Professionally Monitored Call System That Responds to Home Medical Emergencies 24/7, with two five-star customer reviews and a detailed product description:

Finally a low cost, high quality medical alert system from that anyone can afford! For about a dollar a day enjoy the peace of mind and security of knowing that a loved one is being looked after all day, every day! Unlike other providers, Aegis requires no contract! We simply bill your credit card as little as $22.95 per month for the service.

Now seniors and those with disabilities can live independently and safely when family, friend or caregiver is not present. With a simple press of a button, the system automatically dials for help that provides immediate access to emergency services.

24/7 Nationwide Monitoring by Aegis Professional Help Advisors that are specially trained to handle medical emergencies in the home. (Nationwide Coverage: United States, Canada including Alaska and Hawaii)

No installation means that you can just plug the unit in like an answering machine and it is operational. No installer in the house, no messy wires and no hassle!! Product is shipped from Aegis directly to your door fully programmed and ready to activate.

Finally, check out the medical alert system section at for even more personal emergency response system devices.

January 21st, 2010


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