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Best Medical Alert Necklace

medical alert necklaceIt is difficult to determine which is the best medical alert necklace. Firstly, much depends on individual circumstances and preferences. Secondly, there is not a lot of objective information available.

The best place to start is the listings at, where you can find their bestselling products. At the time of writing the top seller among medical alert necklaces was the Emerg Alert Medical Alert Emergency ID Necklace and Wallet Card "Coumadin" (picture).

This device has attracted three customer reviews, with all awarding it five stars. Here's one:

This "Coumadin" necklace could definitely save your life. It is very thin so doesn't bother the wearer, but at the same time, very obvious. A very valuable Medical Alert at a very reasonable price.

And another:

Purchased this for my wife's Mom who had to begin taking Coumadin. She normally doesn't like to wear anything around her neck, but says this is light and comfortable, and she hardly knows it is there. It's well made, and is perfect to let first responders know that she is taking anti-coagulants.

At the time of writing the second-best seller was the Diabetic Medical Id Jewelry Necklace. It had attracted seven customer reviews. Here is an excerpt from one:

I recently purchased the diabetic necklace for my ten year old son. He had tried wearing a bracelet but it kept breaking. The necklace is perfect since he loves wearing it.

And another:

Nice quality item, particularly for the price. Only problem is there is no clasp and my husband couldn't get it over his head. So measure to see if it will work for you.

Another popular product is the Apex Anticoagulant Necklace. Said one reviewer:

The medical alert necklace cost much less than I could find anywhere else. If I had had to get the alert necklace engraved (which this one already came engraved), it would have cost me at least 3 time more than the cost of a blank necklace. The engraving was clear. Thank you.

* Learn about new products and get the latest medical alert necklace prices.

January 21st, 2010


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