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Medical Alert Devices - 911 Emergency Phone Guardian Alert

medical alert devicesMedical alert devices come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, and determining which is the best really depends greatly on your own personal needs and preferences.

However, here for guidance, is some information, based on the bestseller rankings.

At the time of writing, the top seller among medical alert devices was the 911 Emergency Phone Guardian Alert.

According to a product description:

Seconds count in an emergency! Save precious time with the Guardian Alert 911. The 1st and smallest cordless phone. Simply press the button and be connected with a 911 operator. You will never have to worry about a call center or monitor service sending the wrong emergency vehicle to your rescue. With the Guardian Alert 911 you can talk to the 911 operator and tell them your exact emergency along with your location in the house.

This has attracted 10 generally favorable customer reviews. Here is an excerpt from one:

This unit has a single purchase price and you're done! Once I set up the unit in my mom's house I walked around her yard outside and used the test button to check status. I got excellent coverage everywhere in her yard and beyond (over 200'). I also checked her basement and got good coverage there as well. So everywhere she may decide to go she now has peace of mind that pressing one button will put her in touch directly with the local 911 operator.

I had her test the actual button to call the 911 operator to make absolutely sure she would be able to communicate successfully (her hearing is not good), but the volume level was perfect and she told the 911 operator that there was no emergency, just testing her new Guardian Alert. The operator asked for her street address which she provided and the operator told her that was what was on her screen. Perfect! Now mom knows what to expect when she may need to press the button. It's all about peace of mind, and this unit delivers that and may someday save her life. Thanks Design Tech - a very cost effective solution.

And another:

I love (LOVE) the concept -- it's a cordless phone that only dials one number with the push of only one button. It's small enough and lightweight enough to be realistic to wear all day and night without much inconvenience by using its clip and/or lanyard.

....The only problem came when we tested calling 911. A very reassuring (and plenty loud) recording assured us that the call was being made and we should wait while it rang through. The 911 dispatcher could hear us just fine when she answered. The only problem was that we couldn't hear her. The speaker somehow didn't carry her voice loudly enough for us to hear/understand her questions. Even when we held it up to our ears, her voice was too faint to understand her words.

We had just one unit to test, so maybe we just got a bad speaker in ours. And, we only tried once, so I suppose it's possible that there was a problem in the phone system or at the dispatcher's end of the call. (How often do you want to bother 911 dispatchers to keep testing a new gadget when you have no emergency?) We decided that since the dispatcher's caller ID tells her the source of the call, as long as she can hear us, that's way more important than our hearing her. But, still -- a two-way conversation would have been nice and that part just didn't work for us.

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January 21st, 2010

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