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Healthy Body Fat Percentage

healthy body fat percentageFor those wishing to boost their health, it is desirable to know your optimum healthy body fat percentage. Losing weight is important for health, but losing body fat is more important.

This is because your "weight" comprises both fat mass and lean mass. The latter includes muscle, which you want to maintain, while reducing your level of fat.

In the words of the American Council on Exercise, addressing fitness trainers:

After determining a client’s body composition in terms of fat weight and lean weight, you can help him or her set a realistic goal for desired body weight. Initial goal setting should be focused on small attainable objectives, such as losing 10% body weight or moving from one body fat classification category to the next.

Since lean mass can increase as a response to exercise, regular body composition assessment can help clarify if increases in body weight are a result of enhanced muscle or actual body fat. It is important to understand that muscle weight can increase even when exercise participation is limited to aerobic activity.

Body composition should be assessed periodically throughout an exercise program. This can provide motivating information, especially when fat weight loss appears to have plateaued.

The Council also provides a table of healthy body fat percentage guidelines, for athletes and for the general population:

Essential fat - 10-13%
Athletes - 14-20%
Fitness - 21-24%
Acceptable - 25-31%
Obesity - over 32%

Essential fat - 2-5%
Athletes - 6-13%
Fitness - 14-17%
Acceptable - 18-24%
Obesity - over 25%

In further guidance from the Council:

Providing clients with an estimation of their body composition is a valuable practice because a person’s level of body fat is directly correlated with health outcomes. Obesity-related diseases include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

Thus, helping clients work toward weight loss if they are overweight or obese can have a profound positive effect on their lives. The table [above] provides established percent body fat norms for men and women based on various categories of health and fitness.

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December 22nd, 2009




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