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First Alert Medical Products

first alert medicalFirst Alert is the name of a company that is prominent in the production of a wide range of home safety devices. However, many people also use the term "first alert medical" to refer to personal medical alert systems for the elderly and sick, to enable them to make emergency calls to relatives or the relevant authorities in the event of an emergency medical alert.

One of the most accessible sources of information about home medical alert products is the bestseller rankings at These tell you what people are buying, and can provide very useful customer reviews and details of new products.

The Medical Alert Systems bestselling list contains first alert medical devices. At the time of writing the top seller among these was the Telemergency Pro-Elite 700C with Wireless Help Pendant (picture). According to a product description:

* No subscription or monthly fees

* Automatically call 911 and up to 5 other emergency numbers

* Room monitor feature can be operated by the called party; enables others to listen in on caller during emergencies

* Still operates during power failures

* Wireless pendant activates call center remotely

It had received 25 customer reviews, with an average rating of three stars (out of five). Here is a four-star review:

I purchased this item for my mother in law who at age 82 still lives on her own and can probably out-work me. But, she recently developed a heart problem and needed to be able to get help even if she was "mowing the yard". Programming is a bit tricky but not impossible. The first unit I purchased made terrible howling noises while just sitting there. My dear Mother in Law said it was OK, she would just turn the TV up louder because it reminded her that it was watching out for her! I returned it..LOL..and got her another one that doesn't howl except a little occasionally.

The range of the pendant..The Most Important Part of The System is still a bit of a mystery. The ad says it has a 150' range, while the instructions say it has a 100' range? Anyway she normally only wanders about 50' from the house and it seems to work fine from there. For the money it is a good buy and works as promised. Plus the added security she feels she has while at home alone is priceless!

And here is a one-star review:

We had to return this because the necklace was too sensitive. My elderly mother wore it around her house to do chores, and the police were called twice by the Telemergency, unbeknownst to her until they showed up on her doorstep. I think the necklace kept flipping over and hitting against her skin. They need to make it so that you have to give it a hard press before it starts the dialing process.

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February 2010


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