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EPT Pregnancy Test Results

EPT pregnancy test resultsEPT means Early Pregnancy Test. It is also the name of a brand of a popular home pregnancy test from the pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer. You can read more about it at the company website, which says:

* Accurate results : e.p.t Pregnancy Test and e.p.t Digital are more than 99 percent accurate in laboratory tests at detecting typical hCG hormone levels (which vary by person).

* Easy-to-read results : Depending on the product chosen, there are two options for easy-to-read results. The e.p.t Pregnancy test uses a plus (pregnant) or minus (not pregnant) reading. The e.p.t Digital test uses an unmistakable “ Pregnant” or “ Not Pregnant” reading.

* Fast results : e.p.t Pregnancy test can be used any time of day on the first day of a woman’s expected period and results can be read in two minutes. e.p.t Digital can also be used any time of day, from the day a woman expects her period to start. Results are displayed in three minutes.

* Easy-to Use : Both the e.p.t Pregnancy test and and e.p.t Digital are easy to use.

The website contains much useful guidance for women who are pregnant and for those who wish to become pregnant. In particular, note the following advice on factors that can influence the accuracy of the company's test devices:

* Certain drugs which contain hCG or are used in combination with hCG and rare medical conditions may alter results.

* Using a home pregnancy test such as e.p.t within eight weeks of giving birth or having a miscarriage may cause a false positive result. The test may detect hCG still in the system from a previous pregnancy.

* If a woman suspects the result may be incorrect or had difficulty reading it, she should repeat the test after three to seven days with a new test.

* If a woman repeats the test and continues to get an unexpected result, she should contact her doctor.

Enter EPT pregnancy test results at and you will find more information about ept pregnancy tests.

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March 31st, 2010


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