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Car Breathalyzer - What Can We Expect?

Concerned about the road toll from drunk drivers, a growing number of governments around the world are investigating the feasibility of car breathalyzers that stop a car from being driven by someone who has consumed too much alcohol.

The result is a flurry of technological research.

In Sweden, Saab is developing a car breathalyzer system called AlcoKey. A driver must blow into the device for three seconds, and if a satisfactory reading is given, he or she has one minute to start the car. A high alcohol reading will automatically result in the car engine being immobilized.

Volvo has developed a similar breathalyzer system, which, in addition, requires that the seatbelt be fastened before the car can be started.

Japanese car giant Toyota is working on a system of steering wheel sensors that will measure a driver's alcohol level based on his or her sweat. Too high and the car will not start.

This system is thought to be more accurate than breath-based devices, with the added advantage that the driver's hands must be on the steering wheel. A sober friend cannot act as a substitute.

In case the driver wears gloves, Toyota is also working on sensors that monitor steering patterns and the driver's eyes.

The company has said that it hopes the device might be fitted to selected cars by the end of 2009.

A New Mexico company, TruTouch Technologies is basing its system on near-infrared spectroscopy technology which measures blood chemistry in diabetics. A special light is shone through the skin, and the device analyzes what bounces back.

Finally, the Japanese mobile phone operator KDDI has introduced the Alc-Mobile, a car breathalyzer system which measures a truck, bus or taxi driver's level of intoxication and immediately transmits results to the driver's company's computer. It also sends a photo of the driver's face and details of his or her location, using a satellite-based global positioning system.

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February 7th, 2007




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