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Breath Alcohol Testing and Underage Drinkers

breath alcohol testingIn 2007 the Office of the Surgeon General issued a report for families, to help them combat the problem of youth drinking.

It began:

Children and teens still drink, even though it can harm them. Underage drinking is a serious problem, with roots deep in our culture. It is time to change that picture. It’s time to take action. It’s time to stop looking the other way. It’s time to tell children and teens that underage drinking is not okay. It will take a lot of work over time to change how people think about underage drinking. It’s a long-term project for parents, schools, local groups, community leaders, and other concerned adults. And it’s a project that should start when children are young and continue through the teen years.

And it called on parents and other adults to help teens make good decisions about alcohol:

* Help your teens know how to resist alcohol.

* Help them find ways to have fun without alcohol.

* Do not give alcohol to your teens. Tell them that any alcohol in your home is off limits to them and to their friends.

* Don’t let your teens attend parties where alcohol is served. Make sure alcohol isn’t available at teen parties in your own home.

* Set clear rules about not drinking and enforce them consistently.

* Help your teens avoid dangerous situations such as riding in a car driven by someone who has been drinking.

* Help your teens get professional help if you’re worried about their involvement with alcohol.

An excellent resource is the LifeGuard personal breathalyzer website, with many pages of advice on alcohol testers and alcohol testing. About breath alcohol testing in the home, it said:

* Concerned parents can either substantiate or dispel their suspicions about hidden drinking by their kids or other family members.

* Early detection and prevention of alcohol curbs the lifelong consequences of early alcohol use. 40% of those who begin to drink at fifteen will develop alcoholism at some point in their lives. The longer an individual postpones the onset of alcohol the less likely the individual is to develop unhealthy drinking habits, alcohol addiction, or other lifelong problems.

* A home breathalyzer empowers kids to say no to the peer pressure around them to use alcohol. When your child can say "my parents test me" it gives them a legitimate way to avoid peer pressure to do something they’d really rather not.

* A breathalyzer that is introduced well before alcohol problems become apparent helps create an atmosphere in your home and community where underage alcohol consumption is not acceptable behavior.

* Family privacy is preserved and testing is not prolonged waiting for lab results.

See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Breathalyzer. Check out for its breathalyzer best seller list and for lots of customer reviews. And go to for the latest information on personal breathalyzers, along with promotions and special offers.

December 8th, 2009




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