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Breath Alcohol Analyzer AlcoHawk Slim Breathalyzers - What People Are Saying

breath alcohol analyzer alcohawk slim breathalyzersThe Alcohawk Slim is the most popular breathalyzer at, and it has attracted more customer reviews than any other, most of these reviews highly favorable. Here are what some people are saying:

* I highly recommend. Reliable and useful for my three roommates and I. Before using this, we had 3 DUIs between the 4 of us in 3 years. Now after, just 1 DWI in 1 year. Keep in my mind that between 4 guys who love to party (w/ Jaegermeister no less!). Pretty good in my book. MUST BUY!!!

* This was a VERY popular gift at a recent holiday get-together! I have no idea how "legally" accurate it is, but it was plenty good enough for some interesting experimentation...

* I was skeptical about this, thought it would be more of a toy than an actual tool that would protect me from my drunk self. There is something about seeing the number of your BAC % that will make you stop and think before you drive after drinking. This product works and it got to me in a couple of days. Buy one you will be glad you did!

* I've had mine for several months. It works well to let you know how close to the legal limit you are. I've used it with multiple friends on the same evening to see who would drive. My only complaint (and this is with all devices not just this one) is that you don't really know when it needs to be calibrated. You have to guess when the readings seem to be much higher than you think they should be. It would be great if the company could develop something to tell you when its not acurate. I actually bought a second one to use while the first is being calibrated. Well worth the money to avoid a DUI. Everybody should have one!

* Love it!! Love it!!! Tried it today 0.11 after my usual barhops, 2.5hrs wait and loitering and 0.06; time to go home, safe and sleep in my own bed. Hey at 0.11 I thought I was ok but the device said no- Next time I will drive only after 0.05 or less reading. Everybody at the bar was crazy about it.

* Get the Latest Price on the Breath Alcohol Analyzer AlcoHawk Slim Breathalyzers.

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December 3rd, 2009




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